Anybody Else Have Posts Missing

The title says it all. Has anyone else been finding their posts getting taken off? I knew about the move to erase all the Elison stuff, but now I am missing 54-60 of my posts. I was just wondering if this happened to anyone else since the Elison stuff got removed.

Purges for the Purge God. Deletion for the Deletion Throne.

Edit - Not that I can tell, for me personally. I think I reined myself in for -most- of that shit. Hopefully it was an accident, everything can be learned from after all if we don’t fear information in the raw.

I don’t know what any of that means, but I’m gonna accept that as a legitimate response hahahaha

OOOHHHHH, I know what happened. The Dead Horse thread from fluffycatz is gone.

Oh. Well then. -Almost- everything can be learned from, but that thread was Pure Unadulterated Chaotic Insanity and Despair at the Meaninglessness of the Universe. Worthy of fear. But it cannot be censored from your soul.

Now you’re just saying shit because it sounds profound hahaha.

looks like theyre trying to clean it up. I noticed the topic about sevarn was erased

Don’t I always, White Jesus?

You were always a quiet, but highly dedicated follower of the path of Jesus Ananda’s Gyroscopic Oneness in Fulfilling Freedom (J.A.G.O.F.F.). Though I may not be here for some time, know that you will always be free to enjoy J.A.G.O.F.F. Jesus’ blessings upon thee

I am not TRYING to clean up,… I am definitly cleaning up this forum!

You will all learn soon enough what’s going on when I post a set of rules. Yes, sad as it is, but this forum needs rules. I wish it wouldn’t be necessary but experience teaches us that it is!

O.o Gnosis’s comeback to Elison should’ve been archived, Bran. That shit was actually funny and taught scammers that if they are going to fuck around here, they will be ridiculed until the very end of their time here.

HAH! I have to admit it was quite funny!

I’m getting fed up with your sarcastic remarks about Elison. Get over it already!

I’m getting fed up with your sarcastic remarks about Elison. Get over it already![/quote]

That was not sarcastic.