Anybody astral project from Niquil?

I have
what was your experience?
My experience was it was a not full conscious
AP but I got picked up by a spirit by my legs I let it do whatever it was doing to me

No. Have had moderate success with alcohol + valium and/or codeine/doxylamine though. But gonna be a hypocrite and record here “do as I say, not as I do”. I’ve gotten various experiences w/ (a) floating halfway out of my physical form and/or (b) seeing through closed eyelids before I lost consciousness. You and me both are better off doing it sober before attempting it under the influence of mind-altering drugs,

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That sounds like a terrible idea. Letting random lesser entities mess with you is a good way to lose yourself and go bananas is a very dysfunctional, fuck-up-your-life way.
I recommend you cleanse and banish, set up protections so you aren’t so wide open.

Yes or you end up like me, who can’t get rid of pesky parasites who wait till your in sleep paralysis to attack your neck… Although to be fair I didn’t let anything happen, I was just inexperienced. Lol.

It’s not fun btw