Any way to know if i'm genetically related to an entity in particular?

Is there any way to know if I hold any genes from powerful, mythic entities from the past ?

I think there’s a chance my current body is a descendant from the greek nymph Calypso but I’m unsure, I don’t know how could I confirm or deny that

Yes, your genes come from a creature known as “MOM”, she has the power of terrify you when she raises her voice. Funnily enough, I’m immune to her. And everyone else.

What makes you think your genes can be related to entities?!


In short, no. The spirits aren’t physical beings. And if one of these beings at least partially possessed one of your parents during conception, then your genes would show that you’re related to the human host, not the spirit.

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As humans our genes come from our parents and contains as far as 10 generations back, so within a span of 10 generations you have those people’s genetics which are other humans. There are theories that nonhumans roamed the world and that part of our “junk dna” is the DNA that no longer benefit us and became dormant due to evolution including that of possible nonhuman DNA (which I personally do not believe)

The stories of these beings being physical in my opinion is just that stories.


Ah yes. I too have heard of this entity. Pretty alright. 10/10 would evoke again.