Any very potent bad luck spells I can use?

Does anybody know any very potent bad luck spells I can put on someone?

check to see if the person is very superstitious … if they are. have your black cat walk in front of them. =o) :+1: :cat2:

@Excalibur Define what you mean by “bad luck?” Is there a specific effect you are looking for?

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Well for example: the the guy car keeps breaking down and he can’t seem to know why so he assumes Well I guess it’s getting old so he buys a brand new car and that one breaks down immediately and the cycle continues…he loses he’s job, everybody hates him, it seems like no matter where he goes he’s not welcomed he’s whole world is crumbing apart he loses his house, he can’t make any money with his business just pretty much of everything doesn’t work out well for this guy

Do you have any of the books by the Gallery of Magick?

The demon Raum can “cause a named individual to suffer great loss. This can be personal, financial, etc. The less specific, the better it works” (taken from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick).

Haures can “cause accidents and misfortune to plague a named individual” (also taken from Demons of Magick).

From Henry Archer’s The Magick of Angels and Demons, the combination of Melahel and Aim can “make someone suffer misfortune that may bring physical or emotional harm.”


Nah, unfortunately I don’t, this is the 1st time I’m hearing about him I’ll check him out. THANKS FOR THE LIST by the way😈!

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Checking these list out too thankyou!