Any useful information about Dhampirs in Vampirism

So obviously there are people who are Psychic Vampires or “blood” vampires or even emotion vampires. Do you have any information about Dhampirs and/or information about discovering if you are one. I’ve don’t A LOT of research but I wanted Help and information from people who might’ve encountered one or someone who is one. This site and some Amino’s are the only REAL sources I can go to. Thank you so much.

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The concept of Dhampirs doesn’t really work with real life vampirism. Psychic vampirism is a magical technique, not a state of being. Though its true that some people do it subconsciously or have more of an aptitude for it than the average person it remains a technique, not a separate race. Most sanguinarian vampires fall under 2 categories: 1. Role players who like the lifestyle and perhaps the taste of blood. Under this I believe also fall people who claim a medical condition that forces them to drink blood. Generally they claim iron deficiency and inability to digest iron in form other than blood. 2. Sorcerers. Generally utilizing a technique that absorbs a persons life force from the blood. It is debatable whether this is form of psychic vampirism as the energy taken directly from ingested blood has a different “feel” to it. I don’t think any of these things can be actually inherited (though talent for these arts certainly can, maybe unconscious psychic vampirism too) At the very least you cant “half-inherit” them.


What you want to know about Dhampir ask me, i am from this rare race.
Life is filled of Hardship & suffering the creature of cursed life.

I just wants to know 1 thing, why dhampirs are destroyed completely.