Any use for corridor funk or just banish?

So, as has always been in my house, the main stairwell & top floor corridor seems to be particuarly sticky for energy - not always with a great vibe (ie my mothers parasitic entities like to hang out there enough that norms could feel it)

Now I’m working with this stuff again its building up a little out there. My room the temple is fine… the air is a bit thick - but acceptable for the method of work & feels welcoming . But outside on the corridor i find myself hesitate for the light switch again.

My first reaction of course is to do some cleansing - both active & passive (theres a nice pedestal at the top where i can leave some purifying herbs…

But I’m also wondering if I’m missing something. What ever is causing this energy leak maybe i should be utilizing it… all my oob experiences have happened out there, as a child i had a vision of smooth/rough sand that had to be walked on and men with camels watching (whom i now realise was likely to be King Paimon) … or another incident where there were bright white spinning swords at the bottom of the stairs a had to jump thru (both of those were when i was a child)

So long story short i would love some outside perspective on what to do with this space!