Any translations of Crowley's work into real people English?

When I was losing my mind on my Mormon mission I started translating the Book of Mormon into Surfer Bum. Fun way to make the excruciatingly long days pass quicker. I got through most of 1st Nephi and then life got way dramatic in a hurry so I stopped.

Anyway, is there anything like the Skeptic’s Annotated series that goes through his stuff and restates it more plainly? I don’t want to have to look up words like “Somniferous” in a current I’m not immersed in. I don’t mind digging deeper and looking for hidden wisdom in grimores like Franz Bardon’s works but I’d like to wrap my head around his approach to things without feeling like I’m solving a puzzle every few lines.

Is he even worth looking into? If there weren’t some profoundly gifted music groups that were way into his current like Led Zeppelin and Tool I’d probably just ignore him but I feel like there might be something there.

(I know they’re more about Enochian stuff but there’s definitely a Crowley interest with both of them.)

Mostly curious about his general philosophies and anything actionable that gets great results.

Thanks BALG :metal:

Crowley initially thought the demons to be keys to parts of the human mind(dna activation) . from what ive heard, tho I haven’t fact checked, he later decided the beings were real with free will.

I know most of the stories and names are allegories. I’m not gonna reveal their secrets,I by no means know them all, but the necronomicon for example is allegorical with the gods names being mantras.

So I’d research the allegorical nature of these books, you’ll probably find something like what your looking for, only it wont be a book more like a forum or website