Any tips will be helpful

Hello a very new here. I’m just happy to be here
i still cant get connected to spirits no matter how hard i try. any tips_


Welcome. Please tell us more about yourself and any experience you have in magick. This post tells us nothing, and so does not meet the requirements for a proper introduction.

Chanting names and/or enns. I use a set of stone beads hand threaded on silk ribbon. I keep these in the top desk drawer. Knotted string is so Order of Nine Angles.

Magickal Journal: get a cheap, ruled page, exercise book.

Research banishing rituals, there’s lots and lots. Find one, memorize it then do it - over and over until you feel the movement of energies. After that reverse to learn evoking.
These two rituals - banishing and evoking - form the foundation of all Magick. That’s why it’s so important to learn them and this takes both practice and time.

P.s. Imagine your part in Hollywood blockbuster is to perform these two rituals: banishing and evoking. So put every fucking thing you have into these rituals, after all, this is your chance to make it big as a film star.


Welcome to the forum.

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The other thing is, everyone has their own particular gifts and inclinations. Yours may be seeing auras, I can’t. For all of the time I’ve been a Magician I’ve seen very, very little of spiritual entities. Looking back I was driven and perverted enough to have persevered.

Research systems of divination. The I Ching is pedestrian and therefore precious, the Taro is on higher level(s). I recommend the sevenfold Tree of Wyrd layout. Runes are great – if that’s your thing. No one can do it all.

If you’re looking for fast track proof that Magick works I strongly recommend learning by heart and delivering with passion the Lesser Headless Ritual. Before you leave home in the mornings is a most propitious time, trust me.



The others have called it already. Try meditation ,too. You have to be consistent.

Honestly, everyone is different, but what worked for me was to go camping. Tending to a fire all day long, studying any information about magick I had written down, meditating, and sleeping outside does something to expand your mind in ways you can’t get inside a house. It helped me face myself, and once I could do that, I was ready to face spirits.

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I always used to think that I was unable to tap into the spiritual realm because I didn’t know enough about it and I had to study more, but what I was neglecting the most was understanding myself. I needed to dig into my own mind and study who I was, change the aspects of my character that hindered me from making magickal progress, and connect with the strongest parts of my being and bring them forth into practice. Changing your mind and body through meditation and exercise and a healthy diet will do wonders for you.

What are you afraid of? Go to war against yourself. Face your fears. Come out victorious.


I strongly recommend reading and applying anything by the Order of Nine Angles. One of their methods is to live alone in the wilderness for at least one full season. Head zapping stuff.


Magick is a tough gig and being a true left hand path adherent doesn’t make it any easier. Essentially it’s a race against yourself. Many are called, few are self-chosen. A tried and tested, tried and true way to get yourself into serious trouble is to start either evoking or invoking before you’ve learnt how to effectively banish. These days it seems the de facto practice. The effects most usually start subtly. I’ve seen some real, fucking horror stories.


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