Any tips on invocation

Alright I’ve been asked twice today to invoke a spirit and the first time I just settled for saying I invoke you ***, but that’s not very effective… any tips? on a side note I have done invocations before but they were pre-made… should I just get poetic on them? I have a feeling that’s what azazel is trying to get me to do as he has mentioned for me to make a “chant” for the rising of the black sun…

What helped me in the past with invoctation is a friendly and respective attitude to the Spirits, also the “fake it, till you do it” I mean keep on “acting as if”, till you see results, when you see results you’ll prove yourself it works and it’ll build your confidence on your skills, and be persistent.

Donald Michael Kraig in Modern Magick suggests to evoke spirits through chanting their names as if they were mantrams, I love it, the simplest way to evoke

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I believe you hit the right tone Icarus

As Yoga stated, using a mantra would be great, and better still “vibrating” the chant. Creating a special made chant/lyric(short and not too long) dedicated to Azazel would allow for a better connection between both of you.

It’s interesting that you brought this up as im currently working on a ritual (on paper) regarding invocation and sigil magick for empowering talismans/amulets.

The concept of involving musical tones/scales to elicit that desire and creating that one of a kind emotion would definitely bring about the result you seek.

I would recommend to find out what definitive musical scale corresponds to Azazel. You do not need any special musical theory to understand it as using the internet could demonstrate the musical tones in MIDI format right online. You would listen carefully to it, then memorize it. Write a chant on his behalf to demonstrate your commitment to him and yours.

Long ago I thought that “vibrating” words of power was to shout out as loud as possible the words. I now understand it as musical phrases that should be sung with as much power and conviction. Releasing the emotional build-up towards the heavens and the hells.

Music is cross cultural and understood throughout the world, there are no barriers to musical language, why not between man and spirit?

I think you just answered what I was looking for in my rite so thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Alright thanks… I’ve been evoking different spirits non-stop in preparation for job corp, countering any problems that may arise and learning some contingency plans… But it seems that for certain request I have to “mingle our brains a bit” hence the need for invocation