Any tips on how to feel, use, and expel emotion to set intentions and for rituals?

Any information provided would be amazing!


We’re in the same boat.
I’m so addicted to compress and bury away my emotions that it’s nearly impossible to bring them out when i most need them.
Especially in rituals.


The part about feeling emotion is also a possible training related to spiritual growth.
The adept tries to create an emotion or, if that’s difficult, it’s advisable to start by paying attention when it’s felt. Fear, love… At first in relation to circumstances, then (but maybe not needed for most of the rituals) apart from them: a certain emotion in its purity.

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@Caesar yes for ritual purposes the Adept Magician will first bring himself to a light state of trance. Then engage in a reverie on situations, people, places, events that make them feel the emotions that they’d like to harness for ritual purposes.

Once that emotion is felt the magician uses it like a fuel in his ritual.

Remember Crowley said “enflame thyself in prayer” this concept goes kind of along those lines. Enflaming oneself with the the desired emotion.

I personally use music and memories to make that connection and feel the feelings roil up.

Example during a curse for a client. The anger I feel for the target isn’t my own anger. I don’t even know the target. So I imagine all the things that really piss me the f@ck off and then begin my ritual good and pissed.

I frequently yell, sometimes I’ll slam my fist onto the altar table when enunciating certain words of the curse.

Clearly if it’s your own curse, your own target your own anger then the job is even easier. Just imagine what they’ve done to you until your blood boils and then give it all to the ritual.

You should be spent when the rite is complete.

Sometimes during Goetic evocation if I’m working with demons to curse someone my offerings are my hate and my rage. They can take this emotion and draw energy from it to fuel the manifestation.

Hope this gives you some ideas.


I really appreciate your advices.
To me is not simple to create emotions at will.
Most of time i have to use alcohol or drugs to feel strong emotions.
Or being with people around me.
People make me feel really anxious and energetic.
If alone i do not feel anything.


It sounds like you.msy have some blockages, perhaps due to past bad experiences or traumas. I don’t know your situation exactly but you can and should be able through music, reverie or dance , ect be able to conjure up those emotions.

Hell you can really make yourself feel anything you want just by controlling the thoughts you choose to think about.

I’d recommend spending some time trying to evoke a happy feeling with Happy thoughts of happy times and experiences and move on from there when you’ve achieved some degree of success.