Any tips on getting into theta gamma sync?

Hey everyone hope all is well. I was looking for some tips on getting into the theta gamma sync. No matter how hard I try to clear my mind and pay attention to my breath just cant achieve it.

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Have you tried to use the search option top right? (Magnifying glass)

lolol duh moment

Thank you

Void gaze. Sit in complete darkness. Maybe look toward a hallway or closet door.
Keep your eyes open (blinking is fine) and let your mind wander. Try to scare yourself. Imagine the most hideous thing you can and try to convince your senses that it’s coming toward you.

Meditate and daydream, contemplate the most mysterious thing you know about. Try as hard as you can to make some art, regardless of if it’s interesting to other people. Teach your mind to turn down the volume on the tactical hallucination that your body feeds it. The body is very greedy and bossy toward the mind for good reason.

Keep that in mind if you find yourself on the other side of things. “Grounding out” is when a magician puts effort into centering their experience back on the physical world. Cook food, work out, do something totally mundane.

You’re going the other way. Read books, think about deep esoteric stuff, follow odd intuitions and draw meaning from coincidence. Generally keep working your mental muscles until they can overpower body.


Black room
Blindfold (occasionally)
Scary whispers on repeat at low volume.


Works for me.

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Sleep deprivation. Aim for 4 days. The trance state will start around the third day and will completely take over by the fourth. Once it has, anchor it to a gesture and you will have a trigger to bring it upon yourself whenever you need it.