Any tips for invoking SITRI?


I was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks that could help me with invoking Sitri for the first time
(P.S. he will be the first demon I will work with).

Thanking you in advance.

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Yeah. He will probably ask for an offering so give it to him and most impirtantly be careful what you wish for :smile:


Hehe yer I will be careful for what I wish for and I’m deciding what offering is best.

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Be prepared to be ridiculously horny. It’s part of his charm :wink:


He won’t allow you not to have an opportunity to have great sex👌


Can i evoke Sitri naked?

Sure. No reason why not. Some entities (like King Paimon) may not appreciate that, but Sitri wouldn’t object (and may actually appreciate it).

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Even if I am guy?

Sure. Why would that be a problem?

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Does it work better if you give the offering first or after the petition you asked for is complete?