Any tips for a christian

That’s another contradiction. In 1 Thessalonians Paul teaches that those in hell are made distant from God and his lifegiving power. But, in Revelation, it is very clear that John sees in his vision that the wicked are tormented in the presence of the Lamb (Jesus).


I believe you are worried about violating your faith. You wish to continue on your spiritual walk, but are craving something more. You can’t help but feel empty inside when you walk into a Sunday routine. Every week it stays the same, first they give announcements, then they sing, then the pastor has a word of prayer and begins to preach, followed by an altar call, and finished by one song and handshakes. You want more deep down, but at the same time you are afraid of doing something wrong.


Don’t worry, what if I told you that you can do both at the same time. Without violating any of your faith. The words the Bible uses for our work include witchcraft, soothsaying, necromancing etc. What most readers fail to understand is that the interpretation in the original language was different. The magic in Canaan revolved around human sacrifice to gods such as Molok. The Torah was strictly forbidding of such practices. The words used for these practices were entirely different than their English counterparts. The Torah simply forbode magic that was going to harm other people


Read the book of Ezekiel. Look at the prophets. ( e.g look at Elijah raising the boy from the dead compared to Elisha raising the boy from the dead. They both done the exact same thing). Ask yourself questions such as where did magic come from? Why was the temple work done the way it was done? Why are we created with the ability to do these things. Christainity ignores many subjects, they prefer ignorance over truth. Questioning everthing you have been taught is the only way to find truth. My advice is to first answer the questions above and then start learning. Until you overcome your self doubt about if what you are doing is right or wrong, you will never be successful.


Whether you are doing magick or not, just love.

That is the greatest commandments; Love.

Magick is a tool not a god; It is a tool to help bring to reality your goals ( whether selfish or not). What you do about it after is what that counts ( good or evil).

A Christian’s true path is a path of Love;

There is no evil in magick until you create evil through it. Magick is neutral.


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You gonna set us back 2000 years


And this is a controdiction…how?


stop being scared, there really is nothing to be afraid of other than your doubt


2 Thessalonians 1:9, “These will pay the penalty of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of His power,”

Revelation 14:10, “10 he also will drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is mixed in full strength in the cup of His anger; and he will be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.”

It’s a direct contradiction. They cannot both be true. Both Lord and Lamb are names for Jesus Christ. Either the dead are tormented away from his presence, or within his presence, you can’t get it both ways.

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Instead of trying to figure out some sort of Infernal/Celestial/Yin/Yang mesh of oil and water, why not go to the source and start working with the Canaanite Pantheon which is what actually spawned forth the Midianite Storm and Mountain deity known as Yahweh?

Ilu and Athiratu make for fine company,as does Ba’al Haddad, Yarikh, Shachar & Shalim. It always makes me smirk whenever I read about Ashtaroth, who in actuality is Astarte.


your misunderstanding the statement.

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Enlighten me then. How can someone be both away from and within someone’s presence?

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Have you heard of the terms “mindless” and or Mindfull?"

I don’t think you want to be a christian anymore. Or, are you really one? Do you feel like one? Or you think you are because you have been baptised? Being baptised means nothing if you don’t feel it. Remove the christian ties that were forced unto you by your family and “do what thou wilt”. Follow your own path. Make it your own.

Looks like you’re inclined to the LHP, or else I would suggest you take a look at something more attuned to the RHP, like the new Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn stuff (They seem to like Jesus… for some marketing reasons, I feel). But clearly, you have a dark side that needs to be satisfied.


Wait, what? Seriously?


Yep, just take a look at their Youtube. They can’t stop talking about rituals of “the lost magick of Jesus”, whatever that means.


Oh Lord


Yes, I have.

First of al, I’m a baptized Catholic. But I got drawn to this path, because I saw how the Church got rid of some Gospels who where putting Jesus in another view and did not fit in their dogmatic teaching.

The bible says that a priest can have a woman. But what about the Celibate then?
Results, if you oppress lust you get the shit the Catholic church has gotten for years (abuse etc…)

Christians have indeed Hermetic teachings, Magick, rituals in Church like the Eucharist, etc…
And we got a lot of rituals that call on God which connects us to the Astral, After Life, His Angels etc…… He never gets angry when we do that :wink:

Oh and LHP is not Evil… Demons are not Evil. They got their own free will.

What i’m saying here. Start to think free. Unfollow dogma and follow your inner intuition, your true path.

This can be Right hand.
This can be Left hand.
This can be from both sides.
Don’t let dogma from both sides tell you what to do.
Follow your heart.