Any tips for a beginner?

Howdy all! As you may know, I’ve been trying to work with Sallos and Dantalion. I have made petitions, etc but I wanted to be sure I am doing this correctly as not to offend them or have them be ticked off at me. To try to contact Sallos, I use a red candle, hand drawn (as best I could LOL) his Sigil, try to focus and say his Enn. Not sure if there’s a “proper” technique as I just try to come to them honestly, respectfully, and with intentions of filling my end of the petition. Should I use blood on the Sigil or anything else? I’m sure there’s proper ways, but budget is a little limited at the moment so I just wondered if there’s anything else I could do? I’ve received some small signs and get a little cold and goosebumps sometimes. Thank you for your help!

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I think you are over complicating the process.

The candle colour doesn’t matter, and you don’t need blood (feel free to use it if you want to, though).

All you really need is the seal and a trance state: