Any tarantula or reptile enthusiasts here?

I wanted to start a reptile and invertebrate appreciation thread. So I guess now that you know the topic feel free to post pics of your critters and discuss what you love about them.

Here’s a video of my pacman frog Cartman

and this is my emperor scorpion Uno

I also have 9 tarantulas and I will be posting some pics of them soon!

Wow, there’s something so delicate about the way that scorpion eats, with mammals it’s all slapping chops and gore flying everywhere, that looks so refined by comparison!

Adorable. :slight_smile:

Thanks Lady Eva. They are really delicate creatures who have a hidden beauty about them. That’s why I love arachnids sooo much!

Nice videos, that frog is epic. I toyed with the idea of getting a pet python but apparently the juveniles like to bite a bit and although they have no venom the bites can get easily infected, and I am too much of a pussy to put up with my pet biting me all the time…wait I have a cat, so I didnt want another pet biting me all the time.

The scorpion looks very nice

Yeah I used to have alot of pets like that awhile back. currently only have a tortois right now. You know I ought to try finding some pacman frog spirits, I have a feeling those could be useful for something.

I have a Breat white knee 11cm, Chaco Golden Knee 3cm, Cobalt blue 6cm, Costa rican tiger rump slings, Fringed ornamental 3cm, Green bottle blue 8cm,Mexican Fire leg 4cm, Mexican red leg 8cm, Mexican pink beauty 4cm, White knee 7cm, Curlies sling,Australian barking sling but I sell them I am more a snake lover

Dude I got a mature zebra pink beauty, a rose hair, 2 pink toes, 3 salmon pink birdeaters and 2 starburst orange baboon spiders.

Did you have Liber LXX or The Cross of a Frog ritual on your mind when you asked this?

I’ve always wondered about this ritual but never thought about trying it until now.

I’ve done animal sacrifice before, but not for the reason to obtain a familiar.

I’m curious to hear if anyone has tried this…

I have a beautiful ball python and four cats.

My OBT Scrambles the Death Dealer finally decided to take a stroll outside of his hide. I haven’t seen him in about six months, so this was pretty exciting for me!

Six months?! I wonder what he was doing/thinking… I wonder if they dream?

Six months?! I wonder what he was doing/thinking… I wonder if they dream?[/quote]

Maybe they meditate, or astral prey.

I’ve had tarantulas for a couple years now and I’ve noticed that some species do this quite often. For instance my rose hair will eat only a few times before she goes into stasis for about 6 to 8 months. Afterwards she will molt, eat a few times and repeat the cycle.

My bird eaters don’t do this. They eat anytime I put something in front of them and they only fast for about 3 weeks before they molt. They all definitely have their own personalities, so it is food for thought when I think about what they dream about if they do dream.

Your pic makes me miss Snuggles the Rosehair. I had several odd lucid dreams about my tarantula protector; he acted as an enormous backpack with his fuzzy head on my shoulder telling me, “I love you” and giving advice in a low raspy fangish voice. Always woke up with a massive adrenaline rush.

I don’t recall him being out of commission other than molting. He’d fast for only a couple weeks, disappear into his cave, and emerge a week or so later looking fresh. The way tarantulas move is so graceful and delicate… with very disconcerting bursts of speed. We had a lot of good conversations.

When they molt, do they shed anything you can use (with obvious consideration to their little arachnid selves) in ritual?

I’ve used my own shed hair, dead skin and menstrual blood in rits so I was wondering what’s possible with these, I must admit I’ve not yet used anything connected to a pet in this way, mainly because if I wub you, you’re Protected Life and I don’t have some insane drive to risk anyone I love when other and safer methods exist. :slight_smile:

Actually I have Lady Eva. They shed everything, including their fangs when they molt. IMO spiders can be seen as a protective spirit totem, since they warn against impending dangers in dreams. Knowing this I have used their molt crushed up in black salt.

I haven’t tested this but I think the fangs that they shed could be utilized in curses. *Add a nice sting to it!

I’m sure there is more things this could be used for but this is what I’ve turned up so far.