Any suggestions ? I must help a mother

Hi everyone, I must help a mother to gain again the love and trust of her children. They don’t talk to her anymore because they have indications that she is doing magic. Any suggestions from whom should I ask help?

Try Vuall?

From Corwin Hargrove’s Goetia Pathworking

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@Mulberry These images are copyrighted and cannot be posted to the forum.

Directly from the book: “All images in this book are subject to copyright. When traditional sources have been used, they have been crafted into entirely new images and may not be copied, or shared, commercially or gratis.”


It’s Vuall’s sigil how can it be copyrighted?

Because it has been modified by the author, like the book’s copyright page says. Plus, underneath it is the information from the pathworking which is also copyrighted work.

When a book says “cannot be reproduced whole or in part, electronically or mechanically, without written permission of the author,” that includes distribution on an internet forum.

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I took the image off just in case, there is sometimes a fair use element for a single image or piece, but best not post it publicly in case of doubt.