Any suggestions for this wierd experience?

I remember i had a sigil of lucifer drawn on the wall and when i removed it a few weeks later it gave me an energetic shock, but not in a static electricity way. It went all the way to my upper forearm as i used an eraser or something.

What was your initial perspective of this phenomenon postive or negative?

perplexing. It felt kinda painful. I just took it as a sign that these energies are real. So both positive and negative i guess

Interesting…, painful does not sound good. But I do not suspect that the Demons that want to work with us will cause unnecessary pain. The source of the energy was most likely Lucifer.
If he indeed caused that I wonder why he decided to do that with that level of intensity.

Why did you remove the sigil? Do you know what you were thinking when you removed it (does not have to be shared though, just for your own sake) what kind of feelings did you experienced at that moment when you removed the sigil. These kinds of questions could give you more insight into the essence of this event.

You could also make contact with the spirit of this sigil and ask him or her to reveal to you, in a manner and through a medium that you will understand what the reason and what the overall message is. Maybe other members could chime in and give their opinion.

Good luck!

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Had you been charging/activating the sigil at anytime while it was on the wall before this happened even if was days before this happened?

I’m thinking if you had maybe that energy hadn’t fully dispersed and that’s what zapped you.

That’s my guess anyway.

Add: don’t ask me how to deplete the energies though as I’ve no idea how (I usually just let them evaporate as it were by the passage of time when it comes to sigils).

Someone may have posted how on a thread on the forum so if you need to know how for next time try searching (I’m not sure about what terms would work best for a search on how to remove energy from an activated sigil).

How about earth element, salt, crystals/rocks, just on the ground, would that be a option?
Touching the sigil with the fingers and asking the spirit of that sigil, to ground the energies inside the material that is chosen.

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In my experience, sigils always exert some “energy” from them. When I place my hand over one, I tend to feel sensations in my hand that when I have spoken of it, it has been reported to be accurate to the spirit of the sigil.

In this case, what is your intuition telling you? Do you feel that the spirit of the sigil caused this to occur?

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