Any suggestions for a curse against my roomate?

Info removed photos removed

Please delete those photos or the mods will do it for you. It is against forum rules to name or otherwise post information about a target of a curse. It can get the forum owners in legal trouble due to the fact that this forum is public and it can constitute making threats. Use common sense.

Flagged for the mods.

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OK, I removed the information, even though I never put the persons name, and there was never a picture of his face. There was only a picture of my face, but I deleted that too.

Why did you flag me??

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Those pictures contained enough information that someone so inclined could easily find out more. Remember, nothing on the internet is really private, and all it would take is someone to find out your location and extrapolate from there.

That fact that you chose to post a picture of a man bleeding to a public forum was questionable, but I only flagged the post in case you refused to remove the photos or they remained past the edit window.


But there was nothing illegal or nothing to hide about my posting…I simply explained the situation in which my roommate attacked me almost 2 months ago at a casino bar, and I use self-defense and his head got cracked on the ground and there was blood everywhere. That’s not a secret, because there was a police report.

I never posted the persons name, or my name. And even if someone wanted to find out about the fraudulent restraining order he’s trying to get against me, there’s nothing illegal in the realms of man’s law…

I don’t care if anybody finds out that I’m gonna put a curse on him, because he deserves it.

Which part don’t you get? It has NOTHING to do with you, or whether you care if people know or not, and everything to do with protecting this forum from the legal ramifications of threatening people.

It is illegal in the US, where this forum is located, to use social media to openly threaten people. That is what you are doing, and by posting photos of the target on the ground bleeding because you kicked his ass, you give law enforcement grounds to go after EA and Timothy, the founders of this magical haven. It also strengthens your target’s case against you because it looks like you are bragging about it, and by doing so, it won’t be very hard for him to get the order against you. Like I said, this forum is public and searchable on Google.

It’s not hard to grasp. You don’t name, or post photos, any photos, of the target of baneful magick. Period. It doesn’t matter if his face is shown or not. He would recognize himself should it be shown to him and that is enough for him to go after BALG.

You can make spurious claims about “Man’s law” all you want, but we have to abide by it because, contrary to the deluded opinions of some LHP magicians, it still applies to us.

If you cannot understand that, then take it up with @Lady_Eva and Timothy.


You were flagged for the protection of the greater balg community from legal hassle or worse. @DarkestKnight actually showed you respect by identifying himself as the flagger while also providing his reasoning, which I agree with. It wasn’t personal, just business. You can be flagged completely anonymously by anyone. He choose the high ground.

Private info transmission is to be taken to private messaging. Key word being private. This is a rule ALL follow here. I hope you are able to find peace from whatever obstacles you face now and moving forward on your journey.

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I “get” everything you are saying…It doesn’t mean I agree with your judgement; however I understand you are airing on the side of caution.

I’m not stupid, and know exactly what a person can and cannot get away with saying on a form, or the entire internet for that matter. Not only did I do 2 years of law school, but I have had many confrontations with “anonymous” trolls and bullies over the internet…And I’m not calling you a troll or a bully by any means, bec this is the first time I have paid attention to your avatar.

I also understand that nothing is anonymous on the Internet, and how easy it is to get someone’s IP address even if you’re using proxy servers and so on.

Anyhow, I’ll agree with you and see you’re right, And I apologize for posting a picture of somebody who attacked me but got his ass kicked and his skull crushed into the ground—even though his face was not showing…

I’m a newbie, and your a regular doing your job, policing the forum just to make sure nobody gets in trouble…

And I do believe you when you say that you believe you’re right…Moreover, I don’t really think you’re just trying to bully people. You probably had a legitimate concern, even though I don’t see eye-to-eye with you, it’s all good. No harm no foul no blood.

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Speaking for myself only, I personally respect everyone who contributes to the board. Yourself included. I think the the fact that you asked for clarification on the issue, was the correct move in this case. Thank you for your contribution to the forum.


I’m not here to make enemies. The last thing I want is to have to deal with a bitter person attempting their psychic vampire magick on me…I’ve been there and done that…

I’ve been fighting the Darkside with spiritual warfare for eight years now… i’ve had witches and warlocks move in right across the street from me, and do all kinds of shit. I was using Yahuwah (Yahweh) and Yeshua to fight off the enemies…I was using Psalms 109 (an imprecation prayer) to “stop their hearts,” etc…

Now, I’ve done a total 180 and I am so excited about this left-hand path and working with demons. And I just can’t believe it.

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Actually, I freaking hated what I termed “satanists,” and I wanted them all dead bec of the fact that I have been doing spiritual warfare witb with secret societies and shadow government operations for 8 years…

Now, I’m finally starting to feel so much more empowered than simply relying on “the blood of Yeshua.”

I have been praying for people’s deaths for 8 years now, but only with the power of Yahweh, and the blood of Yeshua…lol

It sounds as though you have found the way that will lead to your destined path. Having an understanding of the esoteric side of Christianity and it’s many uses will serve your journey well as you broaden your search. It’s a great journey with many layers. The fact that you have actual personal experience based proof of the effectiveness of your art, shows the right mind set. Make a plan for whatever goal you desire that would most likely work without magick, and then enchant it in every way possible. Enjoy the journey.

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