Any successful past life regressions?

Has anyone performed any successful past life regressions? What was it like?

i was assisted by demonic forces the first time i saw any of my past lives, i’ll share one with you.

it was my 5th birthday, everyone in my tribe had prepared the whole day for the celebration. as the son of the priestess it was that night that i was to choose my own name and properly be recognized as a full member of the tribe.

it didnt go as planned. we were attacked by the army of Ghengis Kahn. i saw my beautiful mother slashed from behind by cavalry as i ran out of our tent to see what the commotion was. in the confusion and bloodletting i ran as fast as i could.

an archer on horseback saw me. the arrow pierced me in the back and i fell to the ground. i died cold, alone and nameless.

i would go into detail about the pain, the fear, the gut wrenching emotions flowing through me, but that would probably just make your heart sink further.

I know one of my past lives.

It was sad I watched my husband and his brothers get beheaded with my husbands own sword, in Ireland.

We were together in this life for a breif time. Once again he died before me.

I miss him very much. And visit his grave often. It hurts so much to have lost him again. But he is with me sometimes. Maybe next time we will get it right. My search is always for him.
Until we are together again though, I have to learn as much as possible. To stop whatever force it is that rips us apart. I call it the evil. Because, its the only evil ive ever seen. Just angry and vile full of so much hate and jealousy. I will figure out how to defeat it though. I promise I will.

Has anyone performed any successful past life regressions? What was it like?

I very distinctly remember four past lives… The first one I was a bound slave girl in the household of Abraham the Hebrew Patriarch… But truly we never felt like slaves. Just that my father was one of his servants, and he married one of the maids in the household. They had a life they did not wish to disturb with Abraham. They ate properly and did not go naked and they had a home. So they themselves simply decided to remain his servants for all their lives… It was the same thing with most of the servants anyway. And any children born to those servants simply were immediately used as servants as well. I died in his service.
The next life I remember after that one was again with the Hebrews, leaving slavery in Egypt. I clearly remember the one called Joshuah and his face is so seared in my memory that I see it clearly whenever I think about the whole saga. I died in the desert…
The third one I remember was again in the Holy land, while the Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth lived… But I was a leper, living in a leper colony and never got even close to those who knew him… We were always chased away with stones whenever we tried to leave our habitat.
My fourth life was at the end of the 19th century. That life is also very clear to me, as I entered this one immediately after I died/passed on. I lived in America, my name was Monica Dorothy Weiss, daughter of Martin Weiss. I remember that in the last days of my life, I lived in the state of Pennsylvania. I even remember my burial But for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the cemetery, or the city it was in… After watching myself being buried… There was like a time of dreamless sleep, after which I was me, in this lifetime. I remembered those last days in the former life very clearly during my first three years in this one, that I never forgot. I would tell my mother how happy I was that I got to be born exactly in the Continent and the family I chose to be reborn in…

I have seen several, not completely for everyone one though.

~1980’s possibly male and died to drugs before he was 30.
~1910-1920’s female who was a maid. A rich young italian looking fell for her but was abusive. He died early from a heart complication and she lived alone until she was old with his fortune. (never bared a child I think)
~1880? I was a little girl(5-9yrs). Light blond hair and gray or blue eyes…I had a lot of siblings (mostly sisters we all wore light color cotton summer dresses) We lived in a 3 or 4 story house with a big square spiral staircase. I fell down the staircase and died when they were playing on the stairs (assuming from head injury)
~1860-70 Japanese, can’t remember if male or female. Knew sword craft and loved cooking.
~I have some memories of being a nomadic women with a little family living in rolling green hills.

I haven’t done pass life regression in awhile…maybe I need a sesh.