Any successful call me spells?

Hello darklings

Ive tried a few spells in order to receive a call by a specific person, but no luck,
Ive also tried loa type spells,
Anyone got any successful ones?
Thank you :blush:

Have you tried the simple spells…
Like the one involving coffee?
Or circles and pins?
Or even name in a box …

IMO I find it’s more about intentions, the everyday call me spells are not personal to you.
I created a simple candle spell Using two candles…the result is Just before they contact me the flame dances and they always call in less then 12hrs.

I use
2 white candles
Black obsidian (candle representing you at the base touching the candle)
Rose quartz (candle representing other person at the base touching the candle)

The spell is personal & candles must remain connected while lit, you just light the candle that represents you then from your flame you light the other candle, cast the spell and extinguish after they’ve called And relight again if you wish to speak again.

If you want to talk to someone else then use a new candle to represent that person.

And I always light the spell candle from my main alter candle.

But hey that’s just me😊


Oh never tried that, ive tried all the general ones
Thank you
Ill try this
I only a few stones in the form of pendants will they work

The crystals/stones represent your intentions, if you don’t have one to match your intentions then you can carve your intentions in to the candle.

Please Remember I’ve been using this Spell for years and casting spells since a child so don’t give up, the first time I did it I had to cast it every day for 7 days Before I got a result, all you need is practise, focus, meditation and strong intentions.

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Thank you very much

The flames are very very tall and dancing :heart:

have you tried the . i call him instead spell? . just punch his number on your phone and clik the green phone icon. =o)

Ohhh myyy why didn’t i think of that!?
Nah mate he blocked me
Its on him to unblock me :roll_eyes:


block him back. it hurts when someone block you in the head. lol
U mean unlock your heart instead of unblock you. =o)

Hahaha id love to block him in the head

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most in quarantine. can’t meet anyways. time to do other stuff for growth. sometimes one needs break and go learn other subjects. while spells do it’s thing.

Not really here unless people are self quarantined
But most of us are still working etc

most usa will be self quarantine. not enough police to enforce it.

U can do spells in other areas like wealth, money, abundance, attraction, psychic skills, intuition, social skills, knowledge, etc… it will improve spells in love down the line too.

Lol I’m self-quarantined and I need someone to call me so I was thinking of doing that candle spell. The carving… when you say carve your intentions do you mean carve the name of the person and ‘CALL ME’ or like ‘Call me to talk about this’…

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