Any stories about using magic to kill?

I know that this is probably pretty radical, but I was wondering if anyone has any stories, not just in regards to death, but using their will and magic to get their will across?


Actually yes. I was still in middle school and had just got my copy of the Satanic Bible. I was having problems with a bully and decided to curse him using the rite of destruction. He spent a few months in a mental hospital, lost most of his friends, and then killed himself on new year’s eve.
That was my most successful curse ever. I don’t feel bad whatsoever.


I had an interesting experience with this, I was exploring Koetting’s baneful magic a few years ago. My stepgrandfather, was arrested for drug abuse and it was his third strike. Being faced with jail made him lose his mind even further, he and my grandmother were fighting fiercely. So I put a binding spell on him so he couldn’t hurt himself or others. Unfotunately even after he went to prison he was causing my grandmother so much stress, she was getting sick. Not being in good health to begin with, I knew I couldn’t let it go on. So using alittle of what j learned over the years, I cast a mental circle, from one of the grimores I’ve read. Instead of my usual light energy I did magic with, I reached deeper into the primordial darkness that’s past our reality and used it to summon leviathan, a demon/spirit I’ve always felt a connection with.I spoke with leviathan and together we destroyed his health. He died a few months later. I haven’t been able to replicate this operation yet, and its possible I never will. While I did this for the “greater good” I may not be able to pull it off for a purely personal endeavor.

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Did you evoke Leviathan by a sigil, or chant his name, or scry into a black mirror?
Did Leviathan give you any impressions as to how he can best be approached?
Thanks in advance

None of the above? Technically anyway. First I spent a week or so trying to reach the. Primordial energy. Once I was able to grasp it, I spend several day spindling the energy around in my head to build up a lot of this energy in reserve. Then on the night I wanted to summon leviathan, I mentally cast my circle and called to leviathan in mind 3 times, once to awaken the spirit, once to summon, and once to pull him across the void. Now unlike most ceremonial texts, I didn’t have a summoning triangle or anything of that nature, I simply summoned him into my circle. Now I don’t suggest this, as men much wiser and more experianced than me say it can be dangerous. He appeared to me like I giant sea serpent.We spoke and I asserted my authority firmly but respectfully with something like, “Authority has been given to me by the God and Goddess on high and they have given me the power to command, Angel and Demon, Living and Dead, Spirits and Human, etc.” Something like that, don’t remembery exact words and they probably weren’t that wordy, but you get my drift. And I more or less told him what I wanted done and how, considering o knew his past medical history, I knew where to attack. Then we spoke for a time on the treatment of demons and I dismissed him. He didn’t mention any specific was to contact him or any specific way to approach him. But I assume any of the old ways would work fine. I will say that Demons don’t need to be treated like some of the old grimores say. I mean, learning the old ways is fine, but they don’t really appreciate it when your all “quake before me demon” and all that rubbish, it doesn’t really scare them. If anything I would be willing to bet that’s why they messed up a lot of the lives of the careless magicians. So take precautions because they are eons old spirits who have the power to wipe out existence if they wanted or were allowed, but being rude just isn’t needed.

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I should start working with Zahgurim. I have a very troublesome person who’s making my natural thirst for blood feel like it’s in the middle of a drought.

Such deeds often command a pretty hefty payback if the target is “innocent”.
YOU do NOT want that kind of interest in this life or the next, trust an old man here.

Nobody is innocent

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[quote=“Student of Goetia, post:6, topic:1323”]Did you evoke Leviathan by a sigil, or chant his name, or scry into a black mirror?
Did Leviathan give you any impressions as to how he can best be approached?
Thanks in advance[/quote]

Along with ‘Lights’ method for calling upon the Leviathan, you may want to explore the book “Dragon of the Two Flames” by M.W. Ford and “The Grimoire of Tiamat” by A. Mason. Both of these text explore and discuss the Leviathan and some methods to call them forth (to a certain extent that is).