Any stone or crystals that removes evil eyes, curses, hex etc?

Pretty direct question and honestly I am just looking for people who had experience and success using any sort of crystal or stone to remove those toxic energies off of me. What I mean is, without programming the crystal. One that, once you put it on, it does the work by itself. Does a stone or crystal can do that? Thank you for your insights.

The go to recommendation would be black tourmaline.

If it breaks, replace, continue as necessary.

If your problems are pretty bad, I would get a large one to start.

Place some in each window and near doorways, and wear one on a pendant.

You might rotating placing them in a bowl or plate of salt to absorb what they’ve already absorbed and then dispose of the salt after awhile.

Thanks…did you witnessed something when you used them?

Nothing more than what you would ordinarily expect.

Which is?