Any spirits to work with to control sex drive?

Hello there, I was just wondering if anyone has worked with a spirit to help them control their sex drive? I’m constantly turned on, and now I’m at a point where I am bothered by it. Sometimes I feel like I want to go out on a fuck feast, and meet a bunch of guys or whatever… but I wouldn’t want these desires to control me because I’m afraid of catching STDs and getting pregnant by someone that would a terrible father, and someone whom I don’t love… Eventually I want to marry, but I don’t want to constantly be obsessed with sex, or possibly even cheat on him. And even if I went out and did that, I’d feel guilty. In the past I did stuff like this, but eventually I fell in love, (we’re not together), and it just changed me.

This feels ridiculous posting this, but It is (in some way) getting serious because I can’t focus on anything important like my career, working out, cleaning my home … etc because of my constant desire/feelings of arousal.

Please don’t judge me! I genuinely just want help

I think my self control/discipline is strong but I feel like it’s consuming me.


Hmm. I find this interesting because once upon a time, I was rather similar. The issue was… it was only the drive or the chase, once I could have the guy if I actually fckd him- eh it just left me feeling dirty, and unhappy. Sex wasn’t actually enjoyable, I could do better on my own so.

My dad was rather similar. He had three wife’s and I can’t count how many lovers over his lifetime.
I quit fcking the majority of them when I was much younger. It never made me happy anyways, and just pursued the chase.

up until a year ago, I’d never been truly faithful to anyone in my life. Wasn’t always sex, sometimes it sexting or whatever The kids call it now.

Then I met someone, and He was younger than me.
I was certain it was going to be just another one of those… that I ended up ghosting. When we talked, I know he was similar prior to meeting me as well. It always worried me a bit.

Idk what happened, or why or what- but I never cheated on this man. I never wanted to. I still had a high six drive… and he fulfilled it. Sometimes thst was four times a day. Sometime it was once.

It’s been two months since I was with him. Writing this makes me feel like a stupid dumb girl, because it brings tears to my eyes, we are supposed to be strong and move on past this ex stuff cuz it rarely works out but… after two months I still have no interest in anyone else physically or other wise.

I wish I’d been smarter and worried less, or thst someone would sell me an undo button. I don’t have any advise for you, I wish I do, I think I only wanted to tell you- if you the right one, it will be okay.


I mean you could ask a succubi to help, it can become a mutual contract of them feeding on your sexual energy to lessen your sex drive.


Also an interesting comment, that may help her. I had been about two seconds from summoning an incubus for myself when I met my guy.

Humans were never going to meet my need and keep me happy and I felt like love for me was love of the chase.

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Or better yet you can create a link that siphons the energy and feeds a desire or servitor or thought form… Many spirits can help with this just research


Sublimate the sexual energy into something else. It is particularly useful for creativity.


Have u trought itsmagic rwsult,? Or genetic,? I have meet chicks like the same issue some worship greek. Roman godess, others do mahic others are genwtic others just need to be restrain themselfes, tey cleansings, and meditacion.

Thank you! I love this. I have so many things I’d love to create, so this definitely resonates with me :slight_smile:

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What do you mean? Like, someone put sex magic on me? Haha that would be funny. Genetic, possible… a lot of my female family members can be perverse, but I’m not perverse like they are… so I am not sure… thank you for your feedback!

Do you have a copy of The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer?

The combination of the Shem angel Yezalel and the demon Beleth can help to “sublimate sexual energy into creative energy so that one who resists sexual release is able to create with immense power.”


Thank you for suggesting. Just got the copy :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your story! I agree, I have definitely felt those things prior to finding someone amazing. I hope things worked out between the two of you!¬

Thank you to all who have provided useful advice :slight_smile:

It’s an interesting situation, I’ve been struggling with high sex drive (or as I self-diagnosed: hypersexuality) too… I had a streak where I could go nofap and after a few weeks I was able to channel all that arousal into my work, but then I failed to keep it up and fell back into wasting energy :sweat_smile:

I was thinking about what others posted before, to ask for a succubus/incubus to take the extra energy off my hands (I may do that in the future) or try to ask spirits to teach you how to channel this stuff into productivity.

The funny thing is that I was always extremely loyal* and after the honeymoon-phase where couples tend to have more sex than in the rest of the relationship, my high sex-drive became a problem in like, all of my relationships - it was only then I saw this as a problem, otherwise I feel like it’s a part of me which I accepted and learned to live with… I haven’t really met others who had the same appetite, but I’m still waiting, maybe then it’ll work out. Or I’ll give it up as an old pattern of mine I have to fix :man_shrugging:

*When these problems came up I was usually looking at/being a bit more flirty with others, but I never acted on the desire to sleep with them…

Edit 2: Sorry, I forgot to make a point with all of this… these were my experiences so far and I think that it’s a good thing that you acknowledge your high sex-drive - it depends on you what you deem important in your life, and weight your current patterns if they’re something you want to keep long-term or not. If you feel like productivity, your career is more important to you, then it’s a good idea to look into ways you can channel your sexual energy into them.

I think it’s about how you want to live your life and decide on what to keep, and what to give up for going forward.

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Thanks so much for sharing your story! I can relate to your story in so many ways. I hope things worked out between the two of you. Fingers crossed!

Interesting! I have had similar thought processes, like Du perfektly described exactly how I’ve been/thought. Haha But yes, always remained loyal.

Thanks for your insight and advice :slight_smile:

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