Any spell or demon i can use to curse thiefs stealing property?

My apartment complex has been getting vandalized & plates & items have been stolen.

I cant think of any demon that comes to mind that specializes in this can anyone help?

Andromalius, of the Goetia. He is said to be able to “bring back a thief and the stolen goods,” as well as punishing the thieves.

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Hell yea could he also punish anyone who trespasses in the future? Like a spiritual landmine

You would have to ask him, but I don’t see why not. He could station a familiar from his legion there, for example.

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Thank you!

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Depending on how angry you are maybe Dra’talon from book of azazel. He will make them regret the day they dared steal your stuff. Aside from that virtually most of demons from goetia can easily do this just in different ways. Belial in particular is supposed to hate liars and thieves so you might try asking him.