Any South Africans here?

I live in a backwards country the only places i can buy supplies from is wicca shops full of christian shit and white magic. The internet is my only source of knowledge. i can to even find People in my area remotely following my paths or my believe system, the guys here that are almost on my path would be satanist the follow satanism like a Christian would follow there god (ignorant). i have been a solitary for 11 years now and in need of guidance

First off I am in the same boat as you. The internet is your friend. There are many occult book publishers that you can order from. Second fourms like this are a good source of information. The search options on this fourm is your friend. Take a look around and you can find MANY topics on the left hand path and many other different philosophies. Also if you need to find good books… I always recommend Weiser Antiquarian.

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First off I am in the same boat as you. The internet is your friend. i will look it up. and yes the internet is there for it all. but it lacks that personal touch that goes along with good mentoring.

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Thats what the forums are for. :slight_smile: I do not know any occultists in South Africa unfortunately. :frowning: