Any sigils or subconcious images I can sneak into online dating profile to cause attraction to women that see it?

Is there any kind of sigil or image I can put in my online dating profile that will get attraction from women online?

Perhaps a tiny sigil of e.g. Gremory or Sitri camouflaged with the colors of a photo’s background or objects.

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One of the Solomon Seals is designed to imbue a lusty response from the observer.

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Veve for Erzulie Freda?

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Hi Timer, did you have any success?

Hi Faba. Does that really work? Do you have any experiences?

I only tried something similar, thinking about it btw stating the intention to the entity/ies before proceeding would help. Another option is to create a (“chaotic”, for example) sigil.

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What is a hidden sigil gonna do?

Which one?

Either a subliminal or only magickal effect (in that case the entities would “do their job” independently from their sigils being catched from subconscious).

That would be the Fifth Pentacle of Venus.