Any Santa Muerte people that could verify I'm feeling her?

Hey all,

So I have started trying to foster a relationship with Santa Muerte, and I do feel like she’s with me and I hear her when she’s trying to speak to me via my intuition, or at least that’s what it feels like.

However, I read something that got me in my head that was something like “we’ll never actually know what spirits we’re working with” and the idea of an imposter is worrying me. Sometimes it feels as if this spirit is more demanding and petty than Santa Muerte would be. Well, petty is the wrong word, but definitely like “are you serious brah? get it together and worship me. buy that altar that perfectly fits what you were looking for but stretches your budget to the brink, get me more cherries.” And it’s like damn. Ok. But like is Santa Muerte really like that?

I feel like she speaks to me pretty clearly through the tarot as well, but I’m so new at this I’m just feeling insecure and a little paranoid about what I’m actually experiencing. Would anyone be willing to talk to her and see? I’d love to put this issue to rest.

Thanks and blessed be

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Well tbh that is not at all the energy I get from her. She is very heavy and warm. She totally envelops you.

Now I will say that she is definitely NOT a fan of someone who just pops up and starts demanding favors and works from her. She is one of those saints who you need to develop a relationship ship with first before you begin any work with her.

I learned this the hard way. Years ago I was making some hotfoot powder and I was summoning her to ask if she could help infuse the powder with her energy. Well I spilled that powder on myself and on my carpet 3 times w/in 10 minutes! I distinctly remember her telling me something along the lines of, “How dare you summon me stranger! You’ve done nothing for me and now you ask me for something?” :astonished::grimacing:🤦

So I gathered a bunch of things she likes: flowers; a little dollie of her likeness; strawberries; a bit of honey on a saucer; white candles lit for her; a glass of fresh water… and I always draw her sigil when working with her.

After this she was very pleased. She is in no way demanding. She is a death Saint who helps the needy and the poor so she WOULD NOT demand the most expensive of anything. Her attitude isn’t one of neediness. But she does need a bit of devotion to know that you are loyal.

Now there are others who will say that in order to contact and work successfully with her you need to go to a cemetery and do yadda yadda yadda…This is not true. I do not do cemeteries and I have a very close relationship with her.

With all that being said the “spirit” that you are working with could very well be Santa Meurta. Spirit contact is different from person to person. Maybe “The Pretty One” feels the need to be a bit more demanding with you. Possibly if you haven’t shown enough devotion. (But the demand for the most budget breaking altar concerns me.)

I would say to do some divination to see if it’s really her but you’ve already stated that she speaks clearly through tarot. But I will say this…If you haven’t specifically asked the tarot if it IS indeed Santa Meurta, then I definitly would.

I hope this provides you with some clarification.


It does! I mean that definitely resonates, I for sure have asked for more than a few things already like from day 1. It’s like Day 6. I’ve been making offerings of oranges and cherries and feeding them to crows, which feels like the right way to dispose of them, but it’s early days for sure. Your story pretty much happened to me–I ordered a candle with a figure of her on it and lit it to bolster a protection spell. Next day I woke up and that red candle had burned all the way through and is now apparently a part of my carpet.

I asked my tarot if it indeed was Santa Muerte (curious why you write “Meurta”? Never seen it like that), and got Ten of Wands, Four of Cups, and Queen of Pentacles. I’ll be honest, I’m still not familiar enough with the tarot to really parse what they’re trying to tell me here. It feels rather neutral to maybe a yes, but I can’t really tell. It’s like it’s saying I’m too blocked and burdened to get to her? But that’s a guess for sure

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Okay now it’s occurring to me if my tarot says I’m too blocked to hear her, then who have I been hearing? And are they the ones blocking the connection?

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Oh that is just my atrocious spelling, lol :sweat_smile:. I’ve been spelling it phonetically and my stupid auto fill saved my incorrect spell. Thanks for pointing that out!

As for the tarot reading, I would need more info. You pulled 3 cards but what do they represent? Like are they past, present and future? What does each card placement represent? What question, exactly, are you asking the tarot?

Also, for someone still new to tarot I would maybe try doing just 1 card readings. It is much easier to interpret. Knowing the card meanings is one thing, but understanding how multiple cards relate to each other is much more difficult and takes a lot more skill to divine an accurate reading. Try doing one or two card spreads and see if you can gain a bit more clarity.

Oooh. :astonished::grimacing: Damn that is a bit harsh. Maybe beacuse you are still getting familiar with her. But yeah, that just may be her, lol. That sounds very up her ally.

But seriously once that was phase was past we have been super tight ever since.

Also she REALLY appreciated the fact that I memorized her sigil and can draw it from memory.

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Now that I cannot answer. If your energy is blocked then you definitely want to clear your aura and or chakras with some cleansing work. Maybe do a protective or warding spell as well. Also I would suggest cleansing your cards as well. You can use sea salt, incense, sage, singing bowl etc…

Then after you have done that I would come back to the tarot and do 1 card spreads asking a clear and simple question.

You got this! :grinning:

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Yeah been workin on the chakras, listening to A Rainbow Path w visualizations but I should probably look into some kundalini. I try to sage about once a week? Do the LBRP often, try to get in the Kabbalistic Cross if I don’t do that. I’ve been doing tarot not long, but about 5-6 months I think? Usually I do a one card draw with two clarifying cards and then paint a story with it. Great advice on the sigil (and everything else!), thank you!

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It’s so interesting this thread popped up RIGHT after I asked her to give me a clear, unmistakable sign that she heard me. I started working with her this evening.

I didn’t get any “demanding or petty energy” while doing my work, it was more calm & soothing. I kept it simple because I’ve never worked with her before, but made her offerings, poured my heart out to her & then let let candle burn down.

Good luck on your work :bouquet:


That is great. Synchronicity at its best! :smiley:

That is her energy spot on, warm and soothing. I think you have done well. You started off right by giving her offerings of devotion before requesting her assistance.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. :blush:

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Oh that is great! You’re already doing a lot of cleansing. I do the temple cleanse ritual after summonings and I do the LRBP daily, as well as some chakra energizing work and a protection/banishing ritual. I sage about once a week as well.

About every 6 weeks I do the works. Three days of sea salt cleansings, and fasting. Total home cleanse and warding, my daily rituals plus various extra rituals and some ceremonial spell work.

And you’re welcome! :blush:

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My expirence with her personally is when I first reached out to work with her she wanted proof of my dedication. She wants to build a relationship and I wanted that connection with her.

She wanted a couple of statues. That was her way of testing me to see if I was serious about forming a connection. I purchased them. I learned a lesson through each of the first ones I had purchased. From one arriving broken and me taking the time to fix it to interactions with the seller. Each one taught me a lesson and I’m grateful for each one.

That too was one of my first lessons from her was being more grateful for what I’ve got.

Her altar has grown immensely since then. Not because she demanded these statues but I wanted her to have them. She’s become like an aunt/motherly figure in my life who I couldn’t imagine not having. She has helped me out in a lot of situations. I actually keep a small statue of her in my locker at work and I have a necklace of her I wear daily.

Other than in the beginning with the statues she’s never demanded anything from me. She’s been wonderful and I look forward to hearing about your journey with her.