Any recommended books for new black magicians

Any books you guys recommend would be great

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The Kybalion by the Three Initiates, Works of Darkness by EA Koetting, Book of Azazel by EA Koetting, Magickal Evocation by Franz Bardon, anything by Michael W Ford. Also I recommend you binge watch MindAndMagick on YouTube.
Last book I recommend is Black Magick Manifesto by Timothy.
Damon Brand is a good teacher but not Left Hand Path. You can use his teaching for black magick. The Grand Infinity on YouTube also teaches great stuff about magick. Good luck


In addition I would also recommend Initiation into Hermetics, also by Franz Bardon.


Your own Magickal Journal. Best book ever.


I was thinking of asking the same thing. I’m new too .I’m looking into getting Aleister Crawley books.

Why read other people’s books? This is supposed to be the left hand path. Aleister Crowley? Crowley was a genius in both senses of the word and had a solid, Classic, Victorian education. Both of these scream trouble.

Look, why not immerse your poor selves in Arthur Edward Waite? A.E. Waite was a pompous Armchair Magician. If you’re looking to become an Armchair Magician why not start with the recognised founder: Eliphas Levi? These two self-important luminaries of that great and widely copied School will keep you studying for hours upon hours while you learn absolutely nothing worth knowing.

Anyway, start with Liber Null & Psychonaut by Peter James Carroll. You should get it in paperback book form because it is a great Grimoire (and changed my life) but it is available for free if you look around. The Church of Satan by Michael Aquino can also be found - the appendices are unbelievably great. There’s a number of lifetimes’ work in The Church of Satan appendices alone.




No but I do have a youtube video that aught to be considered staple.

I would recommend you find the books yourself. Those you are the most attracted to will be the right ones for you.

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Still an all time favorite of mine.

@Jdprice Deepak Chopra has some interesting works on the mind. While not magickal texts par se, the info in there carries over to damn near every tradition. Thomas Sheridan is another author who, while not writing ‘how to’ magickal texts has an extremely insightful perspective. I highly recommend The Druid Code, especially if you enjoy history.