Any Recommendation?

Any practical recommendations to carry out during this quarantine period? 3 months without reading or doing something related to the spiritual and I would like to take advantage of this season to resume my journey.

That depends on what you wanna work on.

Possibly I will return to train my astral senses and practice void meditation, although perhaps I want a stronger experience

Bunch of exercises here in the forum, I forgot how to fucking link in the forum. But search “Chakra Merging meditation REDUX”. This meditation does wonders.

If you are new I suggest work your way up to more powerful beings. I wouldn’t go to the top ones right away. Also reguardless if your RHP or LHP, a few beings might be too powerful/severe consequences if done incorrectly. When you open yourself through meditation, you might get unwanted guests.

I am taking advantage of the time off work to read more and expand my magical powers. :slight_smile: I love it!