Any real customer support?

My tickets keep get closed when I go to support even when I post videos of it not allowing me to go to different chapter. Does anyone know who else I can contact? The soul travel course is not working and support is not working either. This new hire isn’t working.

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Have you tried opening it from another device or in an incognito window, or clearing your cache?

I’m afraid this forum is just that, a public forum, which unfortunately means no one here is qualified to give tech support advice for the main BALG site. :confused:


I did it from my iPad, 2 desktop computers and my iPhone but she said and I quote:

Click in your Order History to access the course.

Don’t try to change the password as you’re not allowed to do it.

The video course is playing just fine with all the chapters available in it.

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She just changed my password and did nothing lol, I paid 300 bucks for this course and can’t even use it and get a copy and paste answer

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It might take more than a couple hours for them to respond. No one here can actually help you resolve this.

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They just responded with the same exact same response and refuse to fix the course, I guess I will just ask for a refund even though I really don’t want one.

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What is it about the soul travel course, a technical issue it an issue in application of the previous lesson? How far did you get viewing it?

The course used to work fine and it would auto play to the next video or I could click on the next chapter but now it’s only playing the first video of each section on a auto loop and it won’t transition to the next and if I click a different chapter it will just replay the first video.

They use Zendesk which is what I use to answer customer support problems on my website so she can move this to a it problem but she keeps just replying to my question with a copy and paste answer.

I read their terms of service as I know the law and she’s gonna cause a big problem if she keeps acting like a child.

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Okay, so as far as applying the lesson, how far did you get? Did you skip a lesson? Sometimes technical problems have a spiritual base, just saying.

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I’ve already watched the whole course and I keep trying to rewatch the astral castle one and it’s denying me the opportunity and now I’m dealing with some lady who will not address me properly who is going against the websites terms of service.

This is what she is doing, just copy and pasting a response from a sheet, I’m willing to bet 5000$ she’s doing that. Like I don’t teach inventors education lol

Got it. Im just a regular here, even though Ive worked tech support in the past, I don’t work for BALG.
I would say just try the advice others have given and see if it resolves the issues. Sorry dude.

There is no advice, just a forum made as a subdomain of their main website which is not connected to the main website and we have no access to the owners or people invested in the well being of this company. I’m sure I could scream here all day and I’d just be talking to a wall.

It’s just a horribly ran company who will fail of their own accord.

Maybe Thanksgiving Holidays are slowing customer support responses/reviews down a bit?


I’ve been responded on thanksgiving day and this morning so it’s a cool theory but not real.

They use Zendesk for custom support and that’s the same SaaS tool I use so I know what’s happening that’s why I’m mad.

Have you tried turning off accelerated hardware in your browser?

Problem solved course working, it was my fault. I’m just evil and was wrong.

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Maybe check your firewall permissions. In the past on computer I’ve had firewall issues big ass bitchy ones that needed correcting cuz the firewall was protecting me from viruses by preventing me from getting online. When in doubt always check your firewall and it’s settings.

Add: then double check your add blockers if it’s not the firewall doing it.

Those are the 2 biggest culprits that cause 99.9 % of all internet issues for people. The other .1 % being either viruses or government tampering. But that’s only my experience (and a few peeps I know’s experience)

Problem solved course working, it was my fault. I’m just evil and was wrong.

I suggest you buy it