Any problem mixing a Crown of Success oil with King of Solomon oil?

It looks like they both use Yellow candles, King of Solomon is for a better brain, and Crown of Success is for succes.
It looks to me like success used yellow and brains would use yellow for Air, so can the two be combined or should I think about success = fire and brains = air and go with 1 red and 1 yellow candle.

Any ideas or comments, really, I am pretty new to this so almost any advice would be instructive for me.


:thinking: don’t use fire and air only! They go :boom: without a balance!
I think its fine to use a yellow candle and put both oils on it! If you think you are doubting it then just go with white since white goes for everything.

I have been reading this Baal Kadmon book on the 72 names of God. What if I made a clay tablet, I like making things in clay, and put a number 19 LawVell on one side for brains and found another name for success and put it on the other side, then annointed each side with the proper oil and then lit my yellow candle.
Sort of a two prong attach, one prong is the dressed candle burning and the other is the clay tablet/talisman.

I will have to wait until tomorrow because I need the clay to dry so it can be painted but that is fine with me. OR could I do the candle today and start the talisman today and complete it tomorrow.

Kadmon has the Hebrew names so I could use that as sort of the symbol on the side of my clay, then paint the whole thing yellow, except for maybe the names in Hebrew, should they be another color, like purple or some other color for divinity.

What something like that work or am I just having wild fantasies now.

Whatever way is best I will take, is there anything I should add besides just the anointing oil. like some other brain/success correspondence or is keeping it simple and clean the best

Also, if I do an invoking LRP, should I invoke air only, or should I try and get an equal representation from all the elements and let the intent I visualize going into the candle be the guiding factor, (kind of let the elements themselves figure out which should be dominant based on their understanding of my intent).

Also, thank you.

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Many questions and many topics you touches. There is no problem with mixing two different oils into one spell, but they will be producing specific results. If you want to be successful in intelectual matters, like exams, that will be real boost. As you practice in rootwork style you can use yellow can be appropriate for success not because of fire/air but for success (or crown) is gold and yellow is closest to gold.

When you want to hire hermetic magic approach, as with clay tablet, it is not so much about how you choose to do a tablet, but bout the consistency of your work. For 72 angels I would use corespondence with three of life and 4 colour scales. For elemental corespondence I would look for symbols and spirits classified as elementals.

But stay openminded and experimental, put your ideas into work and check the results.

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I am so glad to hear you say that. I want intellect and success because I am trying to learn some new skills. Most of the things I am trying to do now are either magickal or computer related.

For 72 angels I would use corespondence with three of life and 4 colour scales. For elemental corespondence I would look for symbols and spirits classified as elementals.

I know what flashing colors are although I don’t know them too well, I would need to look them up to make sure I did it properly. So I am not sure what you mean.

Also, I am taking a few different approaches to my spells.
I did a single white candle with Crown of Success and Wisdom of Solomon oil. I also took a sachet I made about a month ago out of 7 things that correspond to intellect and memory and put some King of Solomon oil on it and said some prayers over it again to re-consecrate or “stoke” the fires a little bit.

How much magick should I be doing towards this. For instance, God Name number 19 Lecabel “Law Vell” has a sort of invokation in a Woodcroft book I read.
Should I also be doing this at the end of my Cabbalistic Cross, LRP invocation, Middle Pillar (then the invocation)
OR is that too much.
Layering magick makes sense, but when does layering magick become lust for results.
BTW - something is happening, I think maybe subconsciously I am expecting this to work so I am not getting frustrated at the roadblocks I am encountering while learning this new computer program (Inkscape now, next is Blender).
whether it is angels or spirits or the vibrations coming off my sachet, a mind that is not angry/frustrated has to learn quicker than one that isn’t

What is your opinion on the layer magick/lust for results question.
and thanks for answering, the feedback is very helpful
Today I d

I ususally goes this way, banishing -> opening of the space -> gathering of power -> main job -> closing of the space -> banishing

opening of the space (circle or temple) is optional and depend of your style of work;
invocation you can made as final step of opening the space or while gathering the power, or during the main job;
If you follow GD style, Middle pillar will be gathering of power and invocation will go after and then you can consecrate or charge you talisman or whatever.
When you want to charge or build up some qualities you can use invoking pentagrams just before charging ( invoking pentagram of the air or invoking hexagram of mercury).

As I said before elements are interchangeable but they have to be put in consistent and logical order.
Too much is when you can’t keep your focus on main job. Lust for result is more a state of mind when you obsessively thinks about things to happen. Just remeber to do your mundane tasks, magic needs time and space to work, and you need time for adaptation and regeneration.