Any power in fasting?

Is there any occult benefit to fasting?

It strengthens the will.


Does it allow you to see supernatural things more clearly?

Why don’t you just try it, and see if it gives you any benefits?

It’s good to ask questions about certain areas of magic, but when it comes to practical magic, like this, it’s too individual to give a “correct” answer to it.

Something will sure happen if you skip dinner, or any kind of edibles, for a few days. Your body survival mechanics kicks in, using any kind of spare fat you have in your body to keep you physically alive. It sure affect your mental state as well. Skipping food doesn’t mean you have to skip water or any kind of fluids, during fasting. That’s something to think about.

I figure this can give a similar effect to stay awake as long as possible, because it also affect your mental state. But there’s risk doing both methods. The longest time anyone’s been able to stay awake is 11 days, and that is the physical limit for humans, and it’s a result from studies and researches over several years.

Like I said in the section above; It’s good to ask questions. But it’s even more fun and interesting to look up the answers yourself by practicing or doing research of a certain subject. That’s my opinion.


Yes, it does. Try not eating passed 2 pm and doing a ritual. I suggest a 30 min meditation on the third eye, just know it is there in between the brows, you don’t have to visualize it.

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Sometimes. It detaches you from this world, which may bring you closer to another one. That said, when the operation(s) is/are done, pull yourself back here.

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Fasting is a Powerful Tool, As well as very Healthy to do when do corectly and with Moderation, many Study have shown that Fasting one day a week is very Healthy for the Body,

As an Spiritual Tool, it strengthen the will, It also Help to enter a Deeper Meditative state or altered state of Consciousness, greatly, among other things.


I agree with everything said above. It just sucks feeling hungry which is y I don’t fast lol


Part of my ritual preparation involves abstinence from food for around 6-8 hours. The main reason for fasting is to relax the physical body and invigorate the energy or spiritual body. Our Meridian system in general tends to work better when it doesn’t have food to process as this will lower energy output.

You will notice that if you ever eat a huge meal then you will tend to feel sleepy. This is due to the brain closing down the main system as it needs the ready available energy to digest the food. We only have so much energy within us and it needs to be managed adequately to maintain an equilibrium.

A powerful magician has a strong output of energy, which usually happens through a good clean diet and physical exercise. Looking after the physical shell and preparing a clean vessel for ritual generates huge sources of energy allowing a better connection in ritual where the mind becomes open and aware to external forces.

This could never happen with a belly full of food, or under the influence of alcohol and other types of drugs, which do nothing but lower energy levels and this will therefore become counterproductive to ritual practice.

Eat a meal after ritual as this will tend to ground you and cause a better detachment from the intentions and direction used within your practices.


Yes. It puts you in and out of deep trances if you do a complete fast (no food, no water) for 3 days straight. On the 3rd day you do a full spirit conjuration and you WILL see vivid dreams at the very least. If you know what you’re doing you can also induce an open-eyed hallucination pretty quickly at that point.

I’ve done it before many times. If you can keep yourself conscious this is the most reliable way i know of to get into Erik’s Transformation of Consciousness.


100% Yes x

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Anything like that tests and strengthens will



*Try green juice. (pretty much the most effectiv on the list)
~Weatgrass is a bomb in matters of nutrition,
including: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, H, K, but also:
iron, calcium, iodine, copper, magnesium, sulfur, selenium, zinc, pantothenic acid, mangan, potassium, folic acid -and of course: TONS of chlorophyll, which is similar in structur to hemoglobin.

*Drink Waater,
~with or without some raw lemon juice.

~In the evening, put in a jug/pot some watter, add some cucumber
(and if you want some ginger or lemons too)
And keep that in your fridge until morning.

~This is the edge of fasting, because all of the nice sugar in the fruit,
(yes, carbs are not evil. Just look at the high carb vegan’s)

~Take some tumeric(powder) and warm waater, and mix it together,
then add some black pepper


My dad is a spiritual Baptist…And if you know anything about them, they do a lot of soul travel to the heavenly plains. Part of the process in doing so requires that the person fasts. I think it’s to help detach them from this world, as someone else here said. So yes, I think there is a power to it


Wow spiritual baptist huh? Sounds interesting.


It has a heavy Christian bias though. They just recognize that these realms can be traversed by those who are willing


Well it’s a step in the right direction at least. Lot more fun than Muslims or orthodox Christians/Jews!

People that actually reach higher realms have to start seeing something greater and more liberating than the dogma.


Oh definitely. Hearing of his experiences is what helped push me into magic to begin with. If he didn’t have these experiences, it would be quite difficult for me to believe that any of this were possible


I’ve seen it proposed that the “healthy Mediterranean diet” is only so healthy for people in that region because they practice a lot of fasting, for religious reasons but, like the prohibition on eating pork or shellfish in hot climates, or getting dehydratingly drunk when you live in the desert, it originated from simple observation of what was healthful, and what was damaging.

The Lenten fast in Europe comes around the change of seasons from burning a lot of body fuel to keep warm, to warmer weather, when people and even animals often feel more like skipping a meal or two (unless insulated from nature by air-con and central heating all the time of course) so there’s that to consider.


I’ve done a lot of fasting … not primarily as a preparation for magic , but for better health … best to start with 24 hrs with no food … short fasts often are generally considered best , I rarely go more than 72 hrs without food … regular fasting will increase your health … and you become master of appetite, less dependent on food … most people freak out if they don’t eat often , fasting will make you more in command , you will not care if due to circumstance you miss a meal…

Processing food requires a lot of bodily energy , internal muscles are used to push food through the digestive tract … this takes personal vitality … If you abstain from food 18-24 hrs before a ritual , you should have more vitality for the ritual, and a calmer mind .