Any possible way for Exorcising a spirit that is trapped in our dimension

Hey recently in fact yesterday they buried a woman alive while in a death-coma state and shes trapped here and as I see it she will eventually turn malevolent any rites about exorcising/banish those kind of dead spirits?
Any insight would be helpful :3

It’s called deliverance when you aid a dead human, not exorcism, you usually heal them first (reverse the bit where they go mad and malevolent, if that’s what happened) then assist them through to the next level of whatever happens after death.

What’s the full background to this?

Yes, her shade will be malevolent and there is no stopping that. Any other spiritual type things involved to save such I think are more or less wishful thinking. But I don’t doubt the possibility.The restless dead can be banished from places but it’s really not a good to attempt unless you know what you’re doing. And even if you do, it’s still a good idea to not be around such a shade.

Agreed with both Eva and UndeadGod.

It’s also known as elevating a spirit and is a common practice in some ATRs.

If you are not familiar with these practices I would not suggest you attempt them. The dead work differently than other entities and can be very hard to handle.

Just out of curiosity
A) How do you know the person was in a coma? Obviously if this was common knowledge they would not bury her.
B) Why are you so certain they will become malevolent? If your somehow in contact with this persons spirit you could probably help them out by letting someone know they’re not dead yet…they’d likely appreciate it.

You know it’s rather difficult to be buried alive these days, being embalmed has a way of sucking the life right out of you.

It’s also called psychopomp work (psych = soul, pomp = escort, therefore escort of souls) - it’s taught in core shamanism at the slightly intermediate/advanced levels, you more or less either can do it or not and some people find it too much of an energy suck to have any dealings with real dead people, others find it too upsetting because you’re dealing with someone who’s deeply grieving for their own loss of family, life, friends, hopes, etc. I enjoy the work though, and find it very rewarding, and the bonus is you pretty much stop fearing death for yourself, and can handle bereavements a bit better as well since you know there’s other levels.

A guy called Dr Martin Israel wrote a book about the Xian approach (this man was way outside the Church’s dogma and by all accounts skilled at deliverance work) - the book’s free on his own website here: and Chapter 4 is about deliverance of the unquiet dead.

The Core Shamanic approach is focused more on energy healing work on the person’s soul, which is easier than on a living person but often requires you to use force. Here’s an outline of the kind of stuff they teach in that method:

You can use different methods on various remnants, egregores and other stuff responsible for a “haunting” but a true dead person (which is reasonably rare) can always be healed and made to pass on to the next level, because being stuck is an unnatural state so you have the natural laws behind you when you work.

I’ve done this on people’s “haunted” houses and other types of buildings with a 100% success rate, it’s one of the areas of work that can be verified by an outsider (the haunting ceases), so I’m fairly confident the methods work.

Edit to add, was it this case:

Police in northern Greece say they are investigating reports that a woman woke up to find herself buried in a coffin, only to die before being rescued.

Several people visiting the cemetery, near Thessaloniki, told police they had heard banging and muffled shouting from inside the woman’s grave, an hour after her funeral on Thursday.

By the time the coffin was dug up, the woman, 45, was found dead.

She had earlier been declared dead by doctors treating her for cancer.

Her funeral was held at a cemetery in Peraia, a small town 22km (16 miles) south of Thessaloniki, Greece’s main city in the north.

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TWF And Lady Eva Thanks for your advice and warnings well yes it is possible to burie someone alive, well in Greece its a fact …
Yes I am talking about that woman in BBC News in Greece Iam from Greece and my family knew hers. You see the family now experience strange phenomenon’s and I suspect that she is the cause thats why I asked.
I ve done before banishing rituals on dead people and sorry for my wrong thesis in the matter, what I meant is that I want any ritual you may know about banishing or putting in rest those kind of spirits oh and thanks Lady Eva for the links :smiley:

I highly recommend actually making sure she’s behind this. If you do try to exorcise her and she isn’t responsible for the “strange phenomenon”, you have a very pissed off dead chick on your hands.
If you determine that she is behind it, find out why. Contact her spirit. Maybe she wants to impart a message to her loved ones or wants them to honor her or whatever! If she’s just lost/confused, gently guide her to the other side. If she’s being a bad bitch, then it’s time to exorcise her.

I agree you need to ID the spirit to be certain, but if it’s her I respectfully disagree with the above - if she’s being a “bad bitch” then she’s probably in a lot of pain and confused, her higher thinking ability is almost certainly gone and she’s reacting like someone in a daze, lashing out from terror, and she can still be fixed and sent where she was meant to go.

If you were in a terrible accident, sustained a head injury and became temporarily incoherent as a result, would you like to be sedated, have the wound treated and be given medical care until you became capable of rational thought again; or slammed into a straitjacket because you LOOK crazy, and locked in an asylum? That’s what some exorcisms would amount to, for a human, if they’re the type that banish the spirit to another, usually demonic, plane.

No fair! :wink:

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By “exorcism” I meant a more forceful sending her to the otherside. But yeah, I get what you mean. I’ve never had to do such s thing myself, so I’m a little inept at doin it with care.

It’s easier than taking a screwed up & pissed off living human because the dead don’t have a body running a conscious mind to overturn your efforts, they’re more suggestible like someone in a hypnotic trance would be, so you restrain them (if necessary) for their own good, like sedating someone, then channel a load of Love (as in, divine or “Light” stuff) into them to lift them from their lowered confused state.

Sometimes you need to cast out spirit intrusions, like astral parasites that have latched on to the person, sometimes you just need to talk to them for a moment, very rarely there’ll be other entities trying to hold onto them that you need to ward against while doing the healing, but it’s usually simple and the quicker you get it done the better.

The reason some ghostly manifestations repeat certain actions (aside from the ones that are egregores or other kinds of stuff) is that they just can’t think straight like we do, they’re not tracking in linear time, a bit like when someone drinks or drugs themselves to a stupor and repeats themselves, e.g., keep telling you how much they love you a stupid amount of times - they’re all about the forceful need to express whatever their internal experience is, and yet trying to function on impaired cognition, with no sense of past and future.

Once they start making sense, stop repeating any actions or words, and begin responding with a bit more conscious awareness, you open the portal to the next level (no idea what that is, but that’s how it’s taught in Core Shamanism) and there’s often an ancestor of the dead, even a deceased parent, waiting.

The minute they see dear old nan or whoever, you have no more problems at all, they pass through happily and are on their way to whatever’s next without any lingering past-life problems, which is win-win all round because they won’t be haunting any more and neither will they be reborn up all fucked up and pissy.

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