Any one work with him?

anyone work with huehuecoyotl? what can you tell me about him, what were you experiences? a link telling about him: Huēhuecoyōtl - Wikipedia

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why dont you work him? and then educate us?

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Fucking hell, if that’s for real I bet he knows Kek!

@Claidheam you gotta see this! :slight_smile:


why do you think that

It’s not meant in a rude way - search HueHue meme! :heart_eyes:

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or this

Doesn’t kek mean laughter as well. in chinese, was it?

Good job no-one can use Google!

FFS guys!?! lol!!

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huehue means very old and coyotl means coyote. he’s basically a trickster god

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yea a laughing trickster haha…

lemme reread his entry lol

i dont see it tho

i was being a smartass haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh wow, I thought this was too good to be true - like encountering the ancient Slavic protector Kurwabog - but it seems to check out.

I haven’t worked with this entity, although I’ve worked extensively and pacted with Tezcatlipoca from the same mythic background. It looks promising, and certainly very interesting! Hopefully you’ll keep us updated.