Any one with tales of working with The Lake of Fire ritual?

Hey everyone! I was just wondering if any one on the forum would care to share any knowledge or personal experiences in regards to the Lake of Fire Ritual or the Four Demonic Gate keepers.

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Omg there is so much to it. The one thing thst i experienced is my body fluxing in size while a “wave of heat and fire” kept crashing into me over and over similar to the ocean hitting you if you were laying in high tide. An overwhelming sense of emotions and surrender to the void and myself was immersed and overwhelmed by the power and strength of the 4 gatekeepers.

Flashes like lighting hit my thoughts once i was possessed by the 4. And then i realized my “self” that i know and have been so familiar with was “gone” idk how to put it into words. Im trying to describe it but you really cant. Its a unique working and a unique outcome


Was recently listening to the book of azazel again and the lake of fire ritual caught my attention I understand that I must walk through workings with Belial, amaymon,abodon I’m already in a pact with azazel so I don’t think I’ll have to do another path working with him considereing I’ve built a 4 month relationship with him already so my question here is can I do this completely alone and what are the proper archangel sigils to use I have EA koettings complete works so I’ve came across most of the angelic sigils in his other books are theses the right ones to use. Also I know in the book he preformed this ritual out side could this be done in doors in side my temple