Any one ever had success with threefold law or curse?



There is no threefold law. It’s a fluffy Wiccan myth.


This doesn’t work then? . I’m not into wiccan or fluffy magic period I’m serious about the things I’m trying however I’m more into baneful magic…I’ve used the red candle magic but I know I wasn’t nearly angry enough although I do hate the ppl I’m after . So I been searching for other ways.

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The three fold law is a self imposed law, it only affects those who make an oath to it. It only affects those who choose to follow it.

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Maybe give this a try:

Thanks a ton I will do this… but I wonder do I need a candle/hate/candle black or no candle & 2min isn’t very long to get into such an emotional state so can I start before the timer then start timer when at the point needed?

Hey I’ve got a huge potential to gain a large sum of money however it’s a few paperwork issues needing to be uploaded that I don’t have any goetia that can make this happen Im sort of sure I have paimond I’ve had his energy a while & have signed & burned pact … had incense & 2 candles black & red & also blood… draw is simple alter while waiting on official one& done inside car but I’ve felt his energy every since. just asking but I can take it if I need to let this one pass…

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If you felt his energy you should be good :+1:t5: I feel like his energy is easy to sense, at least it is to me.

Good luck & let us know how everything turned out :bouquet:

Yeah but u didn’t answer the question

I was asking did u know any goetia that can’t help. But I didn’t use the proper punctuation.which makes things read differently I’m working on this now. As with everything it’s a work in progress

The magick comes from you, not the tools or rituals.