Any new E.A Koetting video courses being filmed

Anyone heard of any New Koetting video courses being filmed.
id like to see Mr Koetting do a video course of Black magic or hauntings and psychic beings inside peoples homes.

Timothy told me that E.A.'s working this year to complete a Mastering Black Magick course, and I think that’s been mentioned elsewhere on here as well.

Also EA mentioned a Black Magic course many many times.

According to his interview with S Ben Qayin one part will involve mixing blueberries.

You can expect courses in Vodou and the African-derived religiojs,the Elemental magic, Necronancy,Sephiroth & Qlippoth…tye studies have only just started with the mastery of the 3 GP.

anyone heard anything of the realese of Timothys book of Black magic philosophy.its supposed to be accopianed by the release of video course.i thought I read that the books is coming out this October.