Any methods for curing a psychic vampire?

My ex spouse is aware they are a psychic vampire at this point.
Normally, I’d just avoid them, but we have a kid together so that’s not really an option.

Being generally exhausted, it’s hard for me to come up with a solution that doesn’t involve my ex going to years of therapy.

The root of the problem is their obnoxious victim mentality. It’s always someone else’s fault and so on. Also borderline personality disorder among other things.

The whole complex results in them sucking the life out of everything, and they can’t seem to handle watching the kid for one weekend out of two weeks (at this point, I’m probably just venting).

Maybe with a little more sleep, I could come up with something, but I’m curious about what this forum thinks.

… curing something which is not a sickness. a psychic vampire is like he/she is. Some people can’t generate energy so they have to feed. Others invest months and years on learning how to vamp others, store that energy and use it wisely.


Depends a psychic vampire that’s one due to energy system damage can be “cured” depending on the damage.


Since this is a baneful magick thread, i will generally advise if u don’t like it, hex it to death (or in such a manner as to invite a neat synchronicity in which everyone u feel a disgust to dies by coincidence) . Easier to cause ill than bother trying to communicate (all though those of u who can exercise such a capacity as patience around other humans have my respect for possessing a capacity that is beyond my imagination)