Any mediums on here? Kings are gone

So i need a medium. One who can Actually talk to the spirits with ease. Basically i have a 1 question for 2 spirits king paimon and king belial. Ive meditated and tried everything but they wont talk to me. I felt the connection strong last week. Crazy strong. But nothing not even a whisper. So my question is did i make them mad? Idk what i did but i have pacts with both for awhile. Any help greatly appreciated & ill try to return the favor. Also i can feel energy and somewhat see them during evocation but nothing in past attempts lately.

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Asking for someone to do the work for you is likely to make them see you as lazy and easily discouraged. :wink:

Persevere, and have faith in yourself.


Well i only asked cause that guy micah was doing them for sitri and nikki i think is one.


Maybe ill try something outdoors

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying no-one should do this, or offer to help, I just think that making your own best efforts right now is a good thing and most likely to impress them! :smiley:

Belial tends to test people and pushing for the contact yourself may be the best route to take. :thinking:


I’ll give some input from my recent pact with Satan. He actually stopped talking through someone else and didn’t talk to me until I drew his sigil and contacted him myself.


Yea your right just odd their energy was vibrating crazy but this week not so much. Hmm now that you say it they might be wanting to go a step further since contact has been made. And belial should be happy hes got about a gallon of my blood and wine. :astonished:

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Yea sigils are my focus i guess they test

I was tested as well (by Belial). I went through the stages-

  1. Afraid I pissed him off
  2. Desperation to ‘hear’ from him
  3. Wondering where the fuck he went
  4. Trying to connect with him through others
  5. Then I got pissed off. I basically reached a point where I said I don’t need you or anyone to ascend. I have the power and knowledge within me. I’ll do it with or without you though I prefer it if you accompanied me on my journey.

After that he returned. Almost as to say - that’s the mindset you need to be in.


Yay thats music to my ears and im starting to really see they dont play around and if you do they wont return until you get that mind set. I was heavy into my magick last week and kinda eased off alil over the weekend now its dead silent.


Just a fair warning. If you give them your soul and after life for real. Don’t forget about it or not think about it :sweat_smile: they will do some crazy Stuff


Man, I cant wait until im at that level

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I havent given anybody my soul.

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Me? You should :joy: I’m kinda a special case

I did it because I was broken and hurt

I’m glad I did because I didn’t really care about becoming a “living God”

So you souled it. Hmm idk man i almost crossed that path. Actually right after i joined here. Not saying i am. But did you see change after?


I literally went insane :joy: and now I have everything I’ve ever wanted

But it wasn’t an emoty promise like most people. I meant it and I’m fine with it

I will say that they got mad at me cause I was being stupid :no_mouth:

Seriously? How did that go if you dont mind explanation. A sigil with satan or a contract