Any mechanic demons?

I want to learn how to fix my car so i don’t have to keep paying ppl does anyone know any demons that are good with teaching you how to fix stuff?

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Of course man. Belphegor. I am very curious what you will manage to study from him. :smiley:
Edit: Now serious … You can try to visit car mechanic courses or to find tutorials but to call
demon for this purpose is very abstract idea.


I’m gonna plug Marbas here. He has time and again directed me to solutions for various mechanical issues.


There is a Nether in the Book of Azazel who is a master of mechanics. Don’t remember his name though.


If you want to learn how to fix cars, there’s video tutorials for everything on YouTube.

Oh, cool thanks! I’ll look him up!

Marbas…his name sounds familiar for some reason…I think EA talked about him before but I can’t remember I have bad memory

That’s okay you can’t remember. I actually was going to purchase that book some time it looks very interesting

I know that everything is on YouTube and Google but I just prefer to have someone right there with me

Well, a lot of spirits won’t help you if you don’t help yourself.

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