Any magickian worth their salt can pass a lie detector test. Prove me wrong

One of the biggest factors in making any magickal working effective is knowing it has worked before you have even closed the ritual. Belief and faith mean shit; knowing is everything; Da’ath.

Likewise, a lie detector is easily overcome, provided the person can at least on some level know what would be considered a lie to be truth.

Perspective is everything.

You are not lying; you are creating a new reality that has objective truth, in microcosm, which changes everything.


I like the way you put it! The unfortunate thing is, creating that new reality whilst fighting off the feeling that you’ve lost touch with reality (not in a good way) when you’re just starting out is tough, especially when the outcome is a source of such anxiety.

That’s what I’m working on right now. The knowing part feels a lot like Yoda’s “Do or do not; there is no try.”


And a crazy person can pass a lie detector. Faith, beliefs and knowing are all shit without power. Power is everything. You don’t need to believe it or know it. You DO it and that’s enough.

Shutting down your senses and denying the physical reality because you imagine that what you want already happened won’t get anyone anything unless it was going to happen anyway.

Power is everything. Not only in magick… in all existence. To cause change you ONLY need power. if all you get from magick is a belief or faith or knowing then you’re not doing magick. You’re doing mental drugs to keep you waiting until whatever happens happens.

Calling a demon or an angel or a god or a dragon in a ritual and asking him to do what you want, is calling for power because you don’t have it. That what makes magick work. Not believing that it worked, or knowing that it worked… but because that power that you called already moved and started to work. if your ritual is done wrong or that power is weak or lied to you… then believing and “knowing” won’t change the fact that nothing will happen, even if you passed hundreds of lie detectors.


Faith and believe are a knowing without physical proof.

Basically faith, believe and knowing are the same thing.

Just sayin. :man_shrugging:

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Magick is about power, but power and “knowing”/knowledge are essential parts of the magickal process.

Information is what turns potential into ability, and the imagination categorizes information in a way that paints and defines reality.

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No offense, but I challenge you to cite even one historic example of why that is even remotely an objective statement. In other words, find me just one instance where sheer power was enough to manifest the totality of someone’s will.

No, lol, no…if I create reality then it is reality. I AM.


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Emphatically, no. Do not sell short the power of words upon the human mind.

See? You have the right idea, lol.


I agree. That’s my point. Beliefs, faith and knowing doesn’t change anything without taking action. That’s the difference between a magician and a crazy person or a liar. Not faith or knowing or believing… but doing. Adding power and causing change. Then you can have all doubts in the world… it doesn’t make any difference unless you add power to this disbelief by taking another action. This is my opinion.

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Of course :wink:

You are refusing to distinguish between them. Doing without the knowledge that it can accomplish something is worth two things; Jack, and shit. And Jack just left town.

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I agree :grin:

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And power turns this painted possible reality, into physical manifestation. Or it will remain an image or in idea in people’s minds.

Absolutely true, my thoughts exactly.

The point of the thread is that an image is never just an image in your mind.

@Woodsman81 was right, you DO create worlds with your imagination. It’s not like you can suddenly visualize the world blowing up and it blows up, but it IS a magickal reality.

And you’re being overly disparaging because of your preconceived notions.

What do you mean “magickal” ?

Yep. And on that same note, if it is created, is it just your imagination?

That is why I say KNOWING is so important.

Right but you wouldn’t do something you don’t believe in.

Look we all have different opinions. Whoever is right is right, whoever is wrong is also right. Let’s imagine that. :slightly_smiling_face: