Any lawyers on the forum?

Are there any attorney’s on this forum?


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A long time ago, but I’m in Australia.



I’m a friend of someone in law school. If you’re interested, DM me and I can give you her social media accounts.


I really just have a question about something. . That falls into those grey areas of what can or cant legally be done.


Just put it out there :slight_smile: There’s a lot of intelligent people in this forum who can probably help you or at least point you in the right direction.

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My parents were killed in a car wreck last sept.
The guy that towed their truck now has it parked on a main road in this little ass town we live in and we have to ride by and see it everyday… with their blood and everything still on and in it.

Its just parked right out from in parking space its not even pulled around back or covered… it was a full size extended cab truck and they were hit so hard the front seat is pushed all the way to the back…




I’m saddened to hear about your loss, that’s something I would not wish on anybody. I don’t really know where things stand legally, since no one‘s breaking the law or committing a crime. Have you tried talking to the owner of the lot to see if they can relocate the car out of respect for you and your family?

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I’m sorry. I assume you can ask him if he could Move it.

Sorry for your loss. That’s devastating. Is there a hotline that you could call? Over here in Australia, we have a Legal Aid hotline that can point you to the right direction along with some general context of what Acts and legislations are relevant to this matter.

There’d certainly be something that would help protect the mental health of affected individuals somewhere in legal texts. However, getting a friend or family member to ask them to move the truck would be another idea.

Mom told me at a young age, some people don’t give a flying fuck about things we’re suppose to. Courtesy goes a long way and its shortcoming baffles me… Emotional intelligence is a little haywire for people at times. At least clean the blood idiots


Man, that’s heartbreaking. I have a good friend who has her law degree. If you want to message me, you’re more than welcome.

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We have asked several times

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We have asked him to move he just doesnt care

We went to the city hall today and that lady is contacting the mayor but im not sure what will happen. Maybe if the mayor asks him to move it he will… idk

I mean at least cover it.


Can you can call the local news stations? Facebook is a good option or even yelp or bbb?


Hi Arianna,

I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve had some legal training here in Australia, so I’m not too sure about the law where you are. In this case, it would come down to ordinances of your local council. Since you’ve already gone down to city hall, their advice would be the best bet.

Regarding the car itself, I assume he towed it from the scene of the accident. How did that come about? Who handed the car over to him? Was it the police? Unless there is an embargo on the car by law enforcement, or the insurance company, the car would still belong to your parents, or now next of kin, so you would have the legal authority to have it moved.

If he is now the legal owner of the vehicle, then, there is very little you can do about it. I would advise you to evoke a demon and have him/her to get the guy to move the car. It would be your quickest bet.

Beyond that, you could probably take him to small claims court in the US and ask the judge to issue a court order for him to move the car. It’s a long stretch, but, chances are you may meet a judge with a heart.

Beyond that, there is little you could do legally.

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If you have a picture of the guy and can provide me details about the car, and if the number plate is still on, then the number plate as well, then, I can try to bind his thoughts and get him to move the car.

PM me if you have the above details.


This looks like a GOOD use for the internet’s outrage mobs, aka Twitter and Facebook.

That’s disgusting, I can’t even imagine having to see that all the time. I can’t even drive past the hospital where one of my parents died.

Magickally, try evoking Belial to make sure the truck gets stolen, and wrecked then burned, no-one else hurt by it?

He caused an outbreak of law-breaking in a location where I was evoking him a lot, I think he can influence minds, especially people who are high or drunk to commin criminal acts.


This, but i’d say call Valefor instead of Belial. Valefor specializes in using theft and sabotage as part of magickal attacks. Pretty sure Valefor can send someone to take the vehicle away somehow.


Don’t overlook visiting your folks’ gravesites and paying them to ride the guy until he does right by them. That guy is disrespecting your kin and i’m sure they’re pissed off at that. They can get him back and good if you call them to do so.

Necromancy is a sharp sword - ask someone on here who’s good at it to help you figure this out.