Any information on the spirit Balan

I am a beginner and i have been looking and reading a A-Z list of all spirits to find the ones that i have the most connections with and the ones that could help me the most. Balan came up as one i’m really interested in but i can’t find anyone who has worked with him on here. Does anyone have any advice?

Isn’t Balam?

I don’t know it was Balan on the website i was looking at but i can see if they are the same

What is Balan suppose to help you with?

“Balan can tell of past/present/future events, teaches cunning, finesse, and the easy way to see without being seen.” this is just a copy and paste from the website

That is Balam you are talking about. His Sigil should be easily attained from the internet, perhaps his enn too. Then go on an invoke him.

Good luck.

Ok, thank you :slight_smile:

You are most welcome, hope you get what you want.

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