Any information on sprites

I didnt know where to put this so i hope general area is ok.

Im trying to find information on sprites and how to work with them. I did do a search but not much appeared.

Ive seen some where i live and i would like to research them.

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Sprites or spirits ?

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Sprites like small fairy like creatures but i read doing a google search they can be like lighening balls too.

But i see glimpses of them in woods next to some swampy areas. I see will o wisps too.

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I know that our moderator @DarkestKnight has worked/works with the Fae.

Other than that, I do not know much about spirites or will o wisps. There are probably other forum members that can point you in the right direction.

Good Luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! You are so nice.

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Thank you for your kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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Check the library where you live, and secondhand bookstores for those books that are Fairies Dictionaries.
That’s the first thing that came to mind when I read the OP’s post. Because there were be more information and definitely entries there.

You could also read Morgan Daimler’s A New Dictionary of Faeries dictionary that she wrote. It’s very good.

Katharine Briggs, although her books can be expensive (because they are like from the 1970s), are excellent too, along with John Kruse (you can find them all on Amazon.)

Other than that, the only way to work with the Sprites is to gain their trust, have patience, and form a relationship with them.

Perhaps cleaning up the rubbish from the area where you’ve seen them, and leaving honey (but never chocolate, wildlife cannot eat that) and cream as offerings, with no expectations in return. Just to say hi, pretty much.

Are you talking about the Tinkerbell-like Fae? Small, humanoid with or without wings?


Oh thank you! I would hate to give them something they cant eat.

Yes, small and almost feels like a ball of light flew past you. I just seem to get the side glimpses.

I will try to work on building trust that seems a good place to start. I already have some honey so i will try that too!

Thank you for sharing this with me. Now i have a place to begin.


As they seem to be related to landspirits, you could cultivate relationships with both, which can help elsewhere. I cultivated landspirits in Hawaii for a few gears before moving back here. My honest giving of simple things meant the Hawaiian landspirits came here to vouch for me. Tqhings have blossomed since.

Landspirits aren’t only Fae or elementals. They talk and can bridge gaps we can’t easily. I use grains, fruit, alcohol, and any other food, almost in that order, location dependent. It may take a while and they each have personal tastes.


So just experiment with things until i see what they like?

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I didn’t start a landspirit practice for a while. I have also used teas, coffee, stale bread, old fruit…

In the beginning, I was doing an ancestor thanks with several tea offerings. But I could feel the spirits of the land come and I invited them. I met elementals of.different types, Fae of different types, etc… Now, from numerous geographical areas. Get in with one, through honest giving and respect, and they can help with others, like your sprites.


How do you do that?

I brewed the tea, put them in cups or small baking dishes (like.simgle glass muffin dishes) and proclaimed that they were for the spirits I invited, including them.


And you do it outside like in the woods or does it matter if your inside?

But i really like being out in the woods when can be.

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I used to do the tea on a folding table. Fruit or vegetables, I would cut up and a giving spot or at the woodline (there were trees at the back).

I could leave them on a porch or balcony or… I would state what it was and why.


Thats perfect i think! I have porch if weather isnt favorable, but i have woods all around my house so leaving something at a treeline is wonderful.

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Since it may get asked. What about tomorrow?

I would dump the tea and incense ash into the ground.and this was implied or said during my offering. “I return you to the Earth”

Food items not away from the house would be moved to keep ants/rodents away.

I don’t keep offerings for several days in warmer climates.


Well thank you for thinking ahead! That is good to know.

How long would you leave the offerings out? A few hours or a day? Or do you just wing it?

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Usually a day. In warm climates, or seasons, a day or overnight. Fruit/food offerings are placed away from the house for Nature, so once that is done, I am done with them. The importance was the offering made honestly, not whether a squirrel takes it later.

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Do you think a journal would be good to make notes about what seems to be more likable? And what progress you make ? Or what would be good things to make special note of?

I have to keep alot of journals right now with classes. Is there any spirit to help with medical studies. Im getting into some more difficult courses and i dont want to fail. Maybe that is off topic for here ?

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