Any ideas?


Im extremely pissed off. See, my almost 4 year old is currently ill , with a pulmonary disease. We went to the doctor´s, and in that shift an obnoxious bitch attented us. She was rude, insulting,cold and extremely arrogant…treated the kid as a piece of furniture and we, his parents as we were utterly shit. (Mind you this is a paid service, not a free one) According to her my son has a contagious bacteria in his lungs, so he wasnt able to go to his kindergarten classes for 3 days…and she Totally lost it when I asked for two certificates, one for his school and one for my job…since I need to present it there so they allow me to skip those 3 days (I can do it as long as I have that certificate)
She refused and started yelling at me “Im doing one for the school and nothing else, PERIOD. What do you think, that Im doing 20.000 of them?? You just want to take advantage of this all”
I said “What?? It is YOU who are saying he has a contagious bacteria, so he has to stay at home…so you think hes gonna take care on his own?? Hes 3 years old!!
She said that I wanted that certificate just to skip my job (¿??)
(I later realized, this is the same woman who last winter called my then 2 year old, a spoiled brat because he refused to have the inside of his ear checked and touched and started crying(he had an intense otitis and it hurt him real bad)
Pediatrician doctor my ass!!!
I even have the same symptoms as my kid .
Im not a person who right on acts aggressively but Im done with that bitch and the treatment she gives us when we go to that place, like we were utter shit…that fucker doesn`t belong with kids, OR people in general.
My magickal resources are limited, but I CAN do a sigil working or candle spell…I happen to have her signature AND some pictures I got from facebook googling her name…
I hear suggestions and ideas…I want to take care of this for sure.


How about a spell to remove the blockages she has that keeps her from being compassionate?


(Sights…) Neeros…well…that is not what I have on my mind, I can assure you lol.
See, I dont think this is a matter of her not bein compassionate (shes NOT) only…she is aggresive, VERY derogatory and extremely obnoxious.
It upsets me she gets paid by treating people (including her little patients) like absolute thrash…and for what Ive seen peeping in the net shes quite well financially.
As far as Im concerned I wont add a single $ to her wallet by taking my son over there again. I did it because it was somewhat of an emergency, he had trouble breathing normally with that horrible cough, and because the hospital was only two blocks away from his kindergarten. I didnt know she would be there in that shift... I have to say I dont feel like helping her AT ALL, on the contrary, Im so upset I totally want to hurt her. Doing what you said would be something like...mmm...what Jesus or Mother Theresa would do...but as time passses I feel my persona to be somewhat darker than I I dont think so…


She sounds like an absolute bitch and not worthy of being in her position. There are doctors like that in a medical center near my place. One is extremely unhelpful and condescending so I understand your frustration.

You could approach this from a few angles if you really wanna see her suffer. Along with doing some kind of baneful magick either via EA’s methods or perhaps psionics seeing as you have witness samples, while simultaneously make several (anonymous?) complaints to the hospital and even go as far as to contact the ombudsman of the medical body in your state/area. Spread the word to everyone you know about this mole and create a hate campaign. Basically, you just tell your story to everyone you know who will be sympathetic to your plight( especially people you know with children) as an act of real world effort while behind the scenes work the magick.


That seems to be a lot of work…why not use necromasters technique and just go for baneful magic completely…just go for it instead of playing patti cake…lol

Uncle Fester


So yeah so far you have been offered the options of making her see the error of her ways or eliminating her in the most painful way possible. So as someone who walks the grey path between light and dark what I would do is send some demons to make her shit herself continuosly and have her never regain control of her bowels again or something along those lines. I would use lord kilton to as well as some demon who has sway over biological functions to make a group effort in making it happen.


Maxx…fuck it, you made me google who PattyCake was…I had no idea…oh dear lol
Yeah I have made a written complain in the hospitals book but I dont think what would help much, so Im going for the baneful way here. Defectron: eliminating her is not really worth it, sometimes thats the way if you truly need someone TOTALLY removed from your life and thats fine, but this is not the case, I think is way better to toy with her pics/signature and see her comfortable way of life crumble... I have thought about sending her some health issues but since shes a doctor herself that wouldn`t be much fun…


Ask that she dig her own proverbial grave with her attitude. That way she gets only what she deserves.




I study Medicine and the doctors who behave like this lady really make me feel sick. Sometimes I wonder how some people call themselves doctors when empathy is an unknown word to them.

Last year I was in the same study group with a guy who made fun of everyone. He didn’t really want to become a doctor, for him it was “business”. He would make fun of every patient, old or young, he just thought it was funny. That made me very angry every time and when I tried to tell him that what he’s doing is not right he called me a whore and some other “nice” things. That same day we had Psychiatry and we visited a couple of patients. Again, he started making fun of them or he would ask them questions just to annoy them. So when I got home I did a simple ritual to release my anger. I wanted to make something happen so that he would stop treating people like that. The result was that some days later he got an anaphylactic shock and was rushed to the hospital. When he got better and started attending the classes again, he was changed somehow. He was telling everyone about how a certain doctor didn’t treat him well and that he was deeply disatisfied with that etc. After that I noticed that he stopped doing what he was doing before.
Well, maybe the anaphylactic shock was a coincidence and I certainly can’t say that he changed his behavior because of what I did but I felt very well knowing that he won’t behave like that anymore.


Yeah some doctors are just in it for the money. I hear that they get paid everytime they go into the patients room to talk to them, might not even be anything important either.


Hm, I stopped going to ‘regular’ doctors a few years ago since they usually can’t tell me anything I don’t already know and I only go when I need a note for school for my kids or for ‘butchery work’ (sowing up wounds). I just let them examine my kid, but at the first hint of my kid being uncomfortable I intervene. I also had to learn that, some can indeed act like they’re god, because they’re not used to anyone standing up against them. You just have to bark back. Otherwise I just listen to their diagnosis, nod and accept the prescription for the drugs they would like me to pump into my kid. Once outside I throw away the prescription and at home I treat myself or my kids with homeopathy, herbs, energy work, and in case of bacterial of viral infection I simply use colloidal silver. For pulmonary disease it’s also helpful to do vaporizations and inhalations of essential oils like eucalyptus. And a really old school method is taking a piece of brown wrapping paper, applying tallow candle on it and then sprinkle it with nutmeg (rub it into the tallow so it sticks to the paper) then place it on the chest with a warm cherry-stone pillow on top of it. Don’t ask me how it works, but it works. It seems to make you sweat the mucus right out.

Damn, I sound like granny.


Yeah Ive talked on the phone with my boss and shell accept a photocopy of the original certificate.
What upsets me real bad is the attitude: accusing a 2 year old of being “a spoiled brat” because he didnt want to have his ear checked because of the pain of his otitis, and this woman didnt know him before…(my son doesnt always behave like that at all)... or accussing me of wanting to take advantage of the kids condition because I asked for a certificate for my job…when she clearly knew it was contagious and that someone needs to take care of him if he skip his kinder classes…she doesnt know the dynamics of either my job nor my family...but was ready to judge aggresively and very derogatory in both occasions. Ive just come from the doctor`s in another place and I DO have the same virus my son has (I suspected it since I had the very same symptoms).
I resolved the practical issues regarding it all, now I just have to drop by the store and get a few candles (whistling)lol


Christ dude, sorry to hear you’re going through this. I know how shitty it can be dealing with people who are working with kids, but don’t respect them as they should. It is absolutely frustrating.
Anybody who treats kids like that doesn’t deserve their license to work with them. That’s what I would focus on first personally.
If you can get some sympathetic magick going, I would get a small 3x2 piece of cotton paper, and get whatever you have of hers (hair, fingernails, etc) and roll it up in the paper then tie it into a scroll. The paper symbolizes her license to practice medicine.
I would then commence in the ritual, write a letter to the universe containing all the things she’s done to you and your family. This is to be on a large piece of paper. When you are at your peak of anger and beginning to fatigue, finish your letter, and burn it in a small bowl. Mix the ashes with black ink or water (either is fine, black is just more dramatic) When burning the paper, you’re sending this letter into the ether. The energy is actually being sent via the fire element into the universe, it’s a literal letter to the universe.
You will then continue to expel all of your anger and frustration into the ash-water in the bowl. (if you wish a more proper ritual, you can use righteous indignation and a sense of justice rather than hatred and anger, it almost always proves better for the practitioner, and in my experience ends in a pretty incredible outcome)
now, set the scroll just barely into the bowl so that most of it is not in the ink. While the ink saturates the scroll, your indignation and justice (or hatred and anger) seeps into her life via her license, infesting it with rot and decomposition. While this happens ( it can actually take quite a while for the whole scroll to suck the ink up and become fully saturated) focus on the desired outcome - her loss of license.
When it is fully saturated, close your eyes and meditate for a moment, and end it with what EA always recommends, “It is done!”.
dump the ash-water or ash-ink and the scroll into a river or natural source of water ( you may also bury it ) but do not keep it. A river is better because it gives you a chance to wash the bowl out if you intend on keeping it. If you do keep it, make sure all of the negative energy has been washed away by the river before bringing it back into your home/temple


yea sorry to hear about your situation Mundopincha…I am from a healthcare background and Doctors who act like they are better than you and give you a hard time when your already anxious for your loved ones are shit. I agree that writing to complain is a good action. I dont know how it is in the states but dont write it in the clinic book just I would pen a signed letter to the Medical Director or whatever the equivalent is there… A baneful working to back this up may also be good, just to ensure the letter hits home and has the intended outcome…I dont think eliminating her with extreme prejudice sounds warranted here personally, but to make her feel some of the anxiety and pain that she puts out sure is…


the voice of reason…