Any ideas what I can do for daily devotion to lucifer?

Any ideas what I can do for a daily devotion to lucifer?

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What makes you want to do that? That will determine the answer.

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He’s my patron and I want to show him my appreciation towards him each day :slight_smile:


Prayer simply of thanks and telling him how you feel towards him, whenever you want to show your appreciation to him or address him, pray.

You could even make offerings if you want, I used to give red wine sometimes

Or prepare an altar dedicated to him if you want

I talk to him almost daily with prayer, he’s like a friend, maybe even a brother


Got it, definitely ask him then, he’ll know what he wants.


I agree, you should ask him. If your sense aren’t well developed, it’s hard to piss off an entity by singing to them or lighting a candle in their name and thinking about them for a few minutes. Neither requires much in the way of materials or space, either.

And it doesn’t have to be a hymn or something fancy. Just something that reminds you of him or that evokes feelings that remind you of him. The song may change over time.

So, while you’re waiting to hear back from him (since I don’t know where you are with your senses), it’s hard to go wrong with singing.


Daily devotion??? :flushed: :scream: Lucifer is not a thoughtform, He is the Emperor of the Infernal Empire. He stands for independence, freedom, Power, Ascension, wisdom…


I have altars, and whenever I am out and about and I see something I believe they would like, I buy it and put it on their altar as an offering. I see it as getting presents for any other person in my life. I simply thought of them when I saw it and thought they might appreciate it.

Lighting candles, burning incense they like, finding what oils they prefer and putting it in a wax warmer or oil diffuser, playing music for them, dancing, keeping an altar… These are all things I do.

When I first started I worshipped them, whether I realized it or not. “Devotion” implies worship, I think. Even if you don’t mean it that way, I believe that it is extremely important to use your words wisely. I don’t mean to criticize semantics, but it is very important imo because words have great meaning.

All of what I mentioned is not even necessary. The best way we can show them that we appreciate their help is by listening to them and doing what is best for ourselves. What do you do for yourself on a daily basis? Do you view yourself as someone deserving of daily devotion? Take the time to work on yourself, and practice self care and self respect. Nothing and no one is more important than you are to yourself.

This is just what I’ve learned – I am not trying to make assumptions here, so if you think this doesn’t apply to you, I apologise.

That doesn’t mean that OP isn’t allowed to express devotion if desired.


The Path of Devotion is a path of power. Just ask EA Koetting. He devoted the entire last chapter of his book Works of Darkness to it.


Thank you guys for sharing but normally daily devotion is something what parasites enjoy

Then let’s hope the OP find value in it, since it’s not your thread.


I don’t really think daily devotion is inherently a bad thing, but that doesn’t mean that is necessarily a good thing either. Daily devotion can be an important learning experience for you. When you devote yourself to doing something daily, you won’t just get the positives, the negative side of what ever you devote to will in fact become apparent as well. Daily devotion is not all fluffy unicorns and rainbows people. In fact, there is frequently a “dry” period of “why the hell am I doing this” or if entities and stuff show up, you often have to question "is this good for me, and am I getting what I want out of the relationship, and not vague things like “religion” or spiritual companionship, I mean how is the rest of your life?

There are some great ideas in this thread; things I want to set up for my altar too when I build it. Not sure how showing devotion and gratitude would attract parasites or result in anything remotely bad, but those who have experienced negative consequences because of their daily devotion practices, please share more.

I think it’s a great thing to be devoted to someone and express your love to them. I’ve heard it said like energies attract, so if you’re doing this devotion with a heart full of love, if you were asking me, I’d say you’d be alright.


Yeah I just want to show my love and appreciation for him :slight_smile:
I’m not sure how it attracts parasite either .