Any ideas on how to better my situation?

Welp long story short I moved and in need of dire help. I wanted it to be hard so I’m not looking for sympathy but a lot of stuff fell through money wise that I didn’t account for and now I’m up shits creek without a paddle.

I have a job but got lowballed to shit. I was making 15$ hr where I lived and asked for 20$ here in San Diego and I have the references and decent amount of expierence to back my asking wage and got shot down to a measley 17.50$.

Ok you think I’m worthless , whatever not worried about my pay right now.

Spent what little couple hundred I had left on gas and a gym membership so I can shower ( kinda useless actually because I have very little clothes due to having bedbugs at my last residence).

So I’m sleeping in my truck with about 2 gallons of gas left in my tank and need to get to work for another week and have 20$ which I already know isn’t enough (gas is atleast 3.70$ a gallon here).

So what should I do ? Won’t get anywhere without magick because I’m dirty from working and having so little clothes that networking is impossible.

I was trying to find a place to stay , and I actually think that’s why I didn’t find anyone to let me Couchsurf because I couldn’t go out and network.

So not sure what to do. I’d prefer some methods without asking spirits for help but raising energy like that is actually harder to get results from , no ?

How would that work ? Just meditate and picture my will day in and day out ?

I know the goetia gives fast results normally but mine have always been shoddy plus no matter how much I try I never get any clairaudient messages despite trying a lot of excercises.

I know one I was trying to work with didn’t like me at all and kinda refused to help if I got the message clearly and it showed. Kinda makes me think no one them like me ya know ?

I know king paimon doesn’t like me even though he helped me with my truck. I a got a great running , immaculately maintained 4x4 truck for like 1500$ and thats only because I swapped out the tranny for a rebuilt HD unit.

The truck got me 3000 miles and I drove it for 6 months before that so I gotta give my man props. I’ve even just asked him quickly to restore my honors at previous jobs before and it worked for a good while ( not his fault it doesn’t last long, I have bad ADHD).

So you guys got any ideas on what I should do ? Sorry for typing so much but I wanted to give some background and explain why just asking a spirit to do it probably won’t work for me.

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Dude, I don’t know what the comparative cost of living and minimum wage are where you live, but that’s about twice what I make hourly here in Ohio. Not only that but gas is $2.70/gallon where I live, and my car insurance is quite high.

Just put effort forth, even if you have to temp for a construction company or something. I worked at a slaughterhouse for several months when I was between jobs and had to make ends meet.

@Anziel_Merkaba You’re talking San Diego , California bruh … SoCal as Socal gets.

It’s gorgeous though.

I was gonna have my new start hell or high water and I don’t regret coming here for a minute reguardless of my circumstances.

So, you were making $15/hr, and now you’re making $17.50 and you’re unhappy? That is a net gain of $2.50. I know that’s not the amount you wanted, but it is still more than you were previously making.

The thing with spirits, is you really need to appreciate what they bring you, even if it might not completely fulfill your request. Appreciation and gratitude go a long way to setting up a helpful vibration.

I know it sounds all RHP, but the fact is, it works. The more you appreciate the things you do have, the more things you will have. This truth was told to me by demons so it really has nothing to do with wishy washy hippie dippy thinking.

If you really have no regrets for your move, then appreciate what you have, even if it’s not what you wanted, and raise your energy to change it.

It’s not easy. The gods know I fail at it far more often than I succeed, but it is loads better than feeling depressed or angry that things didn’t work the way you wanted them to. Do your magick with appreciation, rather than desperation, and things will change quicker than you might think possible.

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@DarkestKnight am very greateful for what I’ve accumaleted through magick so far. I wouldn’t even be here without KPs help and I think about it at least every few days if not every day.

My complaint about the pay is while it isn’t uncommon to spend 1200$ on a 1bdrm apartment where I’m from depending on how nice of an area you want , more if you want to live by the coast, it’s still a lot more expensive for housing here in SoCal. I just expected a little more pay but I’m grateful for that job because I got it not even 24 hours after I arrived so it’s something.

I’d be FUCKED if I was still looking for work right now.


Good. Keep the appreciation you have for the job in mind and work your magick. It raises the quality of the energy you put out so anything you do from that perspective is stronger.

Since you do not have a room, I would create an astral ritual space to do your magick. Or, if you have a cell phone and the Kindle app, you can use the sigils in the Gallery of Magick stuff if you have access to it. It doesn’t require much.


Do you have any other marketable skills?

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Get bank deposit slips. Write out a large amount to yourself as a deposit. Use as a talisman. Close your eyes and see the deposit slip clearly. After that think of what you’d do with the money. Great before sleep and/or somewhere you see it so often you no longer consciously see it. Reprograms your subconscious which currently is your biggest issue - trust me.



Nah, not really anything I could take advantage of right now


This is a method that you can work with by raising energy :

Relax your body and clear your mind for couple of minutes. Then chant a keyword that represents your desire. For example, “Wealthy”. As you chant, imagine that you’re already wealthy or that you have all the money you want. Feel whatever that makes you feel.

When you “almost” reached the maximum peak point. At this moment, visualize a scene that represents the success of the ritual. Picture yourself with the money in your hands, spending it etc. Make that vision as clear as you can, and raise your energy even more.

When you feel that you can’t make the vision more clear, or that your energy is about to fade out. Open your hands and visualize all the energy you raised getting out of your body, through you hands, and forming a white glowing ball of energy. Once all the energy is formed, release it to be materialized… let it go.

It’s simple and effective, shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. If you can, create a sigil for what you want, and gaze at it the whole time. Then keep it after the ritual. Repeat the ritual for at least 3 days.

Hope that helps,

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