Any help on this 3 card reading?

Greetings divination fans lol
Im pretty new to Tarot, and I like to resort to it, even when Im very new on it, when the situation arises.
On Friday I got into a very violent argument with someone, and I asked about the result of it all.
I drew (in order)
The reversed queen of coins
The Magician
Heres what I took from it: That person is a rather vicious one, not precisely a nice and cool one. The situation will end and morph into a new one. (For better or worse, but death seems to point to an improvement rather than the opposite), and finally, that I should apply intelligence to this all issue. Which is funny, because even when Im not a violent person in general, the whole situation by its nature made me feel terribly upset until now, and provoking me to smash that idiot in the face til no end. Im guessing the last card is telling me that is abig no-no. Lol.
Do you agree with my interpretation? I`d love to hear some input.
Thank you guys and gals-

I think it means that this person is a real asshole and is moved on from you with purpose not looking back.

Good. Because I wasn`t very sure I actually could handle self-control when seeing that jerk over all the week and beyond.

Are you giving free divinations?

[quote=“JimmyTK421, post:4, topic:7635”]Are you giving free divinations?[/quote].
Not yet. I don’ t feel confortable enough with my abilities , to be offering them to the public. But it is a good ideato do that some time ahead.

He keeps bugging people for free readings. He should do what others do and buy one or learn to do them himself.