Any good and informative books on kundalini?

any good book for rising my kundaliny serpent up?or some energy work…

Energy work by Robert Bruce.

Path Notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris.

Kundalini Awakening for Personal Mastery by Robert Morgen. (A student of Glenn Morris). It is a good addition to the late Dr. Morris’s path notes.

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Here’s a fast way which has the appropriate dangers: Get a large ball you can sit on and bounce. Do this for a few minutes several times daily. Think stimulating the coccyx.



Thank all of you guys!!:+1: gotta check all your books and techniques i will keep you updated .i will tell you in 2-1 weeks but more probably 2 weeks…

The works of Gopi Krishna are very informative also. He also wrote some more autobiographical stuff, where we details what went wrong at first with him and how he got out of it - he raised the Kundalini along the wrong paths (directly up his spine instead of in the two channels either side) and it nearly killed him.


Yeah I read that a couple of years ago, very good piece