Any Germans in the house?

I want to get this video translated if possible so any German speaking individuals willing to do the job I will reward you with some semiprecious stones for your magical works good professional cut too not tumbled bit well cut nice jewel quality stones. Any takers for this trade?

You make this?


No I just ran across it and wanted to know what they are saying.

I found a German occult shop.but I can’t read.either,it sucks.


Hello there,

i am from Germany, But i will find the time probably at least in a couple of weeks. On the other hand i still have some trouble in the corresponding english vocabulary :slight_smile:
Anyway, no need for reward though as i feel being interested most in lucid dreaming/Obe for now.

Take care


I guess my moms foster dad. Ever raise the dead?

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Ooooo!!! :open_mouth: TELL ME, TELL ME!!

if it wasn’t the “Druidenmarkt”

@AdamThoth did you get what you wanted ?

I can help you.